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The Circular Cities Barometer

Gold Honor in Data Visualization


Holcim, which has been in the forefront of thinking regarding the concept of circular cities, recognizes that the pursuit of net zero carbon emissions must begin with the world’s urban areas, where more than 60 percent of global greenhouse gasses are produced, according to the United Nations. Holcim and Bloomberg Media partnered to create the Circular Cities Barometer, to understand how, and which, cities are leading the way toward circular and sustainable living.

Holcim-Bloomberg’s goal in launching the Circular Cities Barometer was to assess how fast 25 global cities are transitioning from a linear economy - taking, making and wasting - to a circular economy of reducing, reusing and recycling, with the further result that Holcim would be front and center in the circular cities conversation.

The Circular Cities Barometer, which is aimed at developers, architects and corporate clients, has given Holcim a much louder voice in the circular cities conversation.

Strategy and Execution

The Circular Cities Barometer was developed as an interactive, immersive page on It uses a proprietary algorithm to measure the transition of 25 cities from a linear to a circular economy, and examines each city’s performance in four categories: Circular buildings; Circular systems; Circular living; Circular leadership.

Each of the categories also features three sub-indicators, with the methodology explained on the page.

The interactive page on features a launch video that immediately puts the project’s theme in the viewer’s mind (‘Join us to build more circular cities, because the future isn’t written, it is built’).

Four films also are included that focus on the four circular-city categories (although two are still in development) and were produced during Holcim-hosted roundtable roadshows from Davos, London Climate Week, New York Climate Week and COP27. Each sustainability film features interviews with delegates attending the roadshows. From the leadership film: ‘The gap between what we do and what we should do gets wider every day.”

Methodology is explained on the page, which also contains insights and stories on each city relevant to its ranking on the index. 

The Holcim-Bloomberg partnership is anchored in Bloomberg Green and Bloomberg CityLab. Amplification has been via custom-built ad units designed to promote the page (Ad.apt Branded, Ad.apt Image) and the videos (Ad.apt Play), as well as a social campaign using Facebook and Twitter.



Because of the barometer, Holcim has a much louder voice in the circular cities conversation.

The campaign exceeded MOAT benchmarks of viewability and engagement, suggesting the digital inventory was highly discoverable and well perceived by the audiences.

Specifically, the campaign’s overall digital performance highlights were:

In addition, connections were made at the flagship events (TYA, Green Summit, Roundtables, OYW workshop, New Economy Council sessions, New Economy CEO Visioning session, New Economy Forum). The campaign was hugely successful and created a lasting partnership between Bloomberg and Holcim. 

The presentation garnered solid praise from clients, with one chief strategy officer saying "It has been a great year and the (Circular Cities) barometer has delivered way beyond promises!"


Video for The Circular Cities Barometer

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Bloomberg Media, Holcim


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