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Teen Wolf: The Movie Social Campaign

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To encourage fans to stream Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+, we developed a robust social campaign spanning from September 2021 through January 2023 and beyond. We used previously created channels such a Teen Wolf’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr as well as launched new platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube to increase our audience size. We also fueled Paramount+’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with Teen Wolf: The Movie content for maximum reach. Our goal was seemingly simple – make Teen Wolf: The Movie the most social programming launch in Paramount+ history for both social content ratings and streaming numbers.

Strategy and Execution

Creating the most social premiere in Paramount+ history was no easy task, but our content and strategy proved to be a key factor in the success of the film. When the film was announced in late September of 2021, we immediately knew that we had to expand our social reach to new platforms that did not exist when the series was first airing on MTV -- simply put, we had to launch a TikTok account. Without knowledge of what the film's plot would be or which cast members would be returning, we encouraged fans to stream the original series on Paramount+ through a binge stunt that helped us grow our TikTok following at a rapid pace. With the success of TikTok, we also launched a Wolf Watch YouTube Channel to house both legacy and new content surrounding the original series and the film.

We embedded a social producer onto the set of the movie to capture content for us to post in real-time and to bank for later use. These behind-the-scenes photos and curated videos make up much of our social content for Teen Wolf: The Movie as fans are obsessed with the cast and love seeing them both in and out of character. We were able to tap into viral trends, play into nostalgia and increase anticipation and excitement for the film through this content.

We also had a camera crew on set for multiple days throughout filming to capture content for Behind Beacon Hills -- a six-part digital series that takes fans behind-the-scenes of the return to the franchise, the SFX makeup, stunts, new cast members and more. Two episodes launched pre-movie release to invoke excitement for the film and the other four dropped post-release to avoid spoiling plots ahead of the premiere.

While on set, we also held a shoot with the cast for short digital videos that began rolling out on social after the official trailer release. These videos showed the cast reacting to scenes from the original series and looking through a time capsule of props, talking about their experiences as friends on and off set and more.

We also were on-the-ground at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, providing real-time social content to fans on all of our social platforms. We captured interviews with the cast during a live-to-tape premiere event at the world premiere of Teen Wolf: The Movie.

We tapped into our beloved cast through livestreams on Instagram and TikTok with Tyler Posey, and we provided fans with social-first executions such as interactive AR Effects on Instagram and Snapchat.

On the film's release day, we had a steady stream of social content across all major platforms from sunup to sundown and ensured that talent was armed with assets to promote the film on their own social platforms.

Wherever Teen Wolf: The Movie fans were, we went to them -- and wherever we were, they flocked to us.


Teen Wolf: The Movie is the biggest Social Content Ratings premiere in Paramount+ history and was the #1 program for SCR on launch day. Teen Wolf & MTVE social support accounts drove 10.5M views and 3.7M engagements, with additional social support from Paramount+’s social handles accounting for 1.75M views and 149K engagements. Teen Wolf talent drove 900K views and 2M engagements across social during premiere day.

Our Behind Beacon Hills digital series averaged over 405K views in its first few weeks of launch, and our behind-the-scenes photo and video content averaged 811K views thus far. Digital Original content produced by the social team made up over 23M video views of the campaign! From start to finish, Teen Wolf social accounts posted nearly 1K times and saw over 88.8M engagements.

We worked on expanding the Teen Wolf fandom by growing our pre-existing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but with new platforms as well. We hit 5M followers on Instagram, the new Teen Wolf TikTok gained an astounding 1 million followers in under a year and the Wolf Watch YouTube channel is presently more than 300 thousand subscribers strong and growing. Across all platforms, the pack has reached 14 million.


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MTV Entertainment Studios, Paramount Media Networks and Paramount+


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