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Special Project

Special Project
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Technado: The Weekly IT News Podcast

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The Technado podcast covers a whirlwind of tech topics each week from interviews with industry experts and up-and-coming companies, to commentary on topics like security and just about anything IT related. The hosts set out to offer listeners timely insights into what's happening in the tech world and how it impacts them as an IT professional. The podcast provides a more light hearted approach to providing informative content while creating a community for IT fans to rally around.

Strategy and Execution

To reach as many tech fanatics as possible, the Technado podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, PodNews, Audible, PodChaser, Luminary Podcasts, Amazon, and more.


Each week, news in the IT community is covered in depth by Technado’s host and ITPro’s co-founder, Don Pezet and panelists. Don holds over 25 years of experience working in IT and cybersecurity and utilizes the podcast as a vector for listeners to better understand the importance of becoming knowledgeable about IT and cybersecurity. 


Don is the heart and soul of Technado, bringing the knowledge he's earned over his years in the IT industry. As an expert in all things tech and networking, Don holds more certifications than any reasonable person should in technologies like Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, and many more.


The Technado Podcast covers a variety of topics, including but not limited to: cybersecurity regulations, cryptocurrency, IT/Cybersecurity certifications, educational topics, online scams, ransomware attacks, and general information both the public and IT professionals should be aware of. 


The series also brings in expertise from cybersecurity practitioners with collaborations from their listeners and fans by covering any questions they leave on a video or episode. Notable guests include Microsoft’s Senior PM and Chief Evangelist Thomas Maurer, Cisco's Senior Incident Response Consultant Chris DiSalle, Senior Technical Lead Erica Cooper, Systems Architect David Alicea, and Ernst & Young's new Assistant Director of Cloud Practice Turja Chaudhuri. 


In addition to the main portion of the podcast, the Technado podcast gives listeners access to behind the scenes of production, showing where recording takes place and the technology used to produce it. To improve the quality of the show and interact with listeners, Technado provides a contact page on the official website, allowing listeners to write into the podcast with stories, critiques, or even apply to be a guest. 


The Technado podcast has grown significantly over the past five years on all platforms including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify..As the show increases in popularity so does user submission, allowing for increased feedback and interaction between hosts and listeners. The Technado podcast has found great success from TikTok videos and full episodes on Youtube have created a dialogue between viewers and the show, resulting in a stronger community. The series is quickly approaching its 300th episode.


The Technado team counts this as a success because the podcast has reached tens of thousands of listeners. By doing so, the podcast has introduced more people to tips and tricks related to technology, and has built a community for IT professionals. The hope is that the Technado podcast entertains listeners and inspires them to help innovate and improve the IT industry as a whole.


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