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TCS Research – A New take on Scientific Communications

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A completely organic LinkedIn strategy to revolutionize the marketing of scientific communication, and to tell the world about TCS’ best kept secret – TCS Research.

The word ‘science’ conjures up new ideas, methods and research. However, there is a higher order purpose to science – knowledge advancement.

There was a need to introduce innovative ways of marketing science. As the research division behind India’s most valuable IT services brand, we took on this onus.

The marketing challenges we aimed to solve were:



TCS Research conducts research across multi-disciplinary areas ranging from metagenomics to space technology. Given this wide array of research, there exists a rich content repository – inventions, inventors, patents, publications, whitepapers, and more.

To communicate these to the larger and relevant audience, we chose LinkedIn as the platform to launch our strategy. Given the nature of our content and our target audience segments like customers, researchers in industry and academia, talent and society, it was ideal.

We then developed a people-centric and impact-oriented approach to marketing scientific communications. In simpler words, a human touch was added to scientific content to highlight how it helps to solve real-world problems and its impact. View here.

Our major innovation was breaking down complex and highly technical content into very consumable, social-media friendly stories .

We used these stories to create a strong LinkedIn Presence and nurture an online engaging community for TCS Research.



Results recorded below were achieved completely organically. These are for the duration of Jan 2022 to Dec 2022:

Our effective LinkedIn Strategy:


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TCS Research


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