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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Source De[Code]

Entered in Science & Technology Podcast


Source De[Code] is Keysight’s premier podcast developed to act as a magic decoder ring for listeners to demystify the jargon surrounding the technology industry. During each episode, Keysight’s 6G Solutions Market Lead and Host Ben Coffin interviews experts from across the wide reaches of tech to get a sense of what it means to use artificial intelligence, digital twins, big data and metaverse. In each episode, Ben and a guest expert dig into why these big technologies stick, and what their impact means for every day people and the world around us. 

Strategy and Execution

Technology fascinates and intimidates us in equal parts. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, digital twins, big data, and the metaverse are making headlines that prompt conversations around the water cooler and in the board room. Source De[Code] seeks to demystify the jargon around emerging technologies and, with the help of guest experts, help listeners better understand why these big technologies stick and what their impact means for them. 

Ben Coffin, the host and brain behind this popular technology podcast, interviews renowned subject matter experts and, together, they contextualize these complex technologies by exploring different facets— areas like use cases, impact, and standards. Through lively discussion, thoughtful observations, and anecdotes, Source De[Code] listeners get easy-to-understand answers to their burning questions about trending technologies.  

The podcast puts the spotlight on emerging technologies: Digital twins, AI/ML, big data, and the metaverse. We planned to develop 10 episodes for the first season profiling each of these major technology areas and launching the episodes on a sustained cadence. Significant efforts went into creating each episode, from identifying interesting topics and speakers to attract tech innovators and enthusiasts to editing the episodes for flow and quality, publishing them on various platforms, and promoting them across marketing channels in a timely manner for maximum impact. 

To do this, the podcast breaks down each season by technology topic. Each topic is explored in a docuseries style with different facts explored over the course of three commute-friendly, 30-minute episodes. The format is ideal for complex technology topics and allows the host to walk listeners through the subject without rushing important details. Listeners come away with a good understanding of a topic without overwhelming the audience with too much information. 


As a result of the superlative production quality, subject matter, and presentation – in addition to strategic promotional efforts—Source De[Code] has achieved amazing results that far exceeded expectations. As of episode 7 of the first season’s ten-episode run, the podcast has exceeded over 11,000 total listens and 250 subscribers across streaming platforms. 


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Keysight Technologies


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