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SERHANT. Signature Content Suite

Winner in Real Estate


SERHANT. Signature is our Private Client division for buyers and sellers in the $10M+ bracket, providing access to a range of premium, white-glove services as well as a team of property experts that specialize solely in the high-end luxury market.

The SERHANT. Signature Content Suite was introduced to elevate and differentiate these listings from anything else on the market. Our team of creatives utilize multiple mediums to create a robust portfolio of custom, premium assets each of which are optimized for cross-platform distribution and consumption, resulting in the maximum amount of impressions worldwide for our clients.

In addition to reaching the widest audience possible, this comprehensive content suite creates a expansive, unique brand for each individual listing and helps further elevate the brand of the SERHANT. listing agent. 

SERHANT. Studios has always offered best-in-class services to our agents and we’re excited to extend our capabilities to our Signature listings in order to elevate the presentation of the world’s most coveted properties and give these remarkable residences the beautiful, standout marketing assets they deserve.

Strategy and Execution

Every Home is a Brand with a Unique Story to Tell. Our Signature process starts with an in-depth collaborative analysis of the home, in which we determine the best way to bring that story to life. SERHANT. Studios and ID Lab collaborate with SERHANT. Agents anywhere from weeks to months before a listing goes live, to establish a brand, identity, and comprehensive social strategy to ensure the listing is seen by the widest audience possible.

Once this plan is set, SERHANT. Studios begins pre-production and development of the following eight content categories, all of which are designed to be captured in one efficient production date:

  1. Property Tour - SERHANT. Property Tours are the tried-and-true way of bringing a detailed look inside the most expensive homes in the world, to an audience around the world. Often reaching over 10 minutes, these detailed, cinematic tours give an audience all the details they need, while featuring the property's listing agents. The serious tone of the presenters further elevates the brand and identity of the listing.
  2. Editorial Film - SERHANT. Signature Editorial Films pioneers storytelling within the realm of luxury real estate and gives the audience an intimate feel of what it is like to live within the listing, as well as experience the lifestyle that surrounds the property. Being less than 2 minutes long, these short-form videos are engaging, and consumable in multiple social formats.
  3. Cinematic Vignettes -  Signature Cinematic Vignettes are short-form, socially optimized videos highlighting lifestyle moments within a space, weather it is showcasing the agent interacting with the most impressive elements of the listing, or cinematic b-roll showing the finest architectural features of the listing, this short-form asset delivers impactful imagery optimized for vertical consumption.
  4. Editorial Lifestyle Photos - Editorial Lifestyle Photos present an opportunity for agents to be in front of the camera and align their personal brand with the elevated brand of the listing. These photos also serve to help potential buyers visualize what it would be like to integrate in the space.
  5. Editorial Unit Photos - Editorial Unit Photos contrast with the wide, original listing photos, by focusing on details and 'moments' within the space, highlighting architectural details, design choices, views, and amenities.
  6. Film Photography - The textured feel of film photography, coupled with standard digital photography, create a timeless essence that stands out from standard SERHANT. marketing collateral.
  7. Film Video -  Further differentiating from today's digital visual imagery, the utilization of film stock such as Super 8mm creates a historical and timeless look that isn't possible with digital cameras.
  8. Short-Form Social Amplification - As a way to help create awareness for these listings in a manner that resonates authentically with user behaviors for short-form consumption via TikTok, YT Shorts & IG Reels, we utilize this asset class to help funnel people to our listing through viral content.

This comprehensive suite of mixed media assets is strategically distrubuted across all digital platforms throughout the lifetime of the listing, ensuring that our ultra-high-net-worth clients are recieving a consistent flow of traffic to their property. Furthermore, this white glove marketing plan, tailored to each specific property, creates a distinct brand that communicates an immersive content experience that further separates SERHANT. from the competition, who are limited in their ability to produce and distribute multiple unique assets across platforms. 



Since rolling out the SERHANT. Signature Content Suite, Signature properties have recieved a total of over 31,500,000 views, and over 100,000,000 impressions across platforms.

The success of the content suite extends beyond solely content performance, and has had a tremendous impact on business objectives. The introduction of these assets have also been a primary factor in the sale of 10 Signature properties, totaling to over $130,000,000 in sales volume.

Additionally, the offering of the SERHANT. Signature Content Suite has proven to be a valuable recruiting tool to prospective agents all across the world. Content support as robust and high-quality as the SERHANT. Signature Content Suite simply does not exist outside of SERHANT., and top brokers from NYC and around the world are joining and expanding the reach of the firm. 


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