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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


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SCADclass premiered in May with one core purpose; to give the preeminent faculty of the Savannah College of Art and Design a space to share their passion and knowledge with the world of curious creators. It was ideated as a teaching tool, a bibliographic source for research, and gems of knowledge shared by our peerless art history faculty.

Strategy and Execution

Each historical work of art becomes the protagonist of every episode. Each conversation between SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace and SCAD’s esteemed faculty keeps the art front and center - allowing our experts to take a deeper dive into specific aspects of the work.


Episode by episode, the planning and production includes thorough research and several preparatory sessions. The final product opens critical analysis of the work, and invites the viewer to ponder the most valuable details quickly and engagingly. On top of that, SCADclass showcases great production value through its eye-catching cinematography, set decoration, and location - the historic Lucas Theatre for the Arts in Savannah, Georgia.


Since its start, several professors have joined President Wallace on stage at the historic Lucas Theatre to shed light on some of the world's most seminal works of art, including Professors Art DiFuria, Rihab Kassatly Bagnole, Gabriela Jasin, and Aubrey Hobart. SCADclass has also become a tool used by SCAD faculty and students to initiate class, spark student debates and discussions, and an invitation to look with fresh eyes at a classical piece of art.


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Savannah College of Art and Design


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