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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Samsung Galaxy Live Video Commerce

Finalist in Shopping


The launch of Samsung Live as one of the first live-commerce productions of its kind
has paved the way for a bold new world.

Finding a fresh voice and creating engaging content that moves away from the archaic
history of shopping channels that adorned yesteryear’s televisions continue to be top
priorities. Courting an audience of modern technology enthusiasts and content creators
has been essential for Samsung Live to thrive.

Along with mobilizing those key demographics, ensuring production costs stay low while
revenue soars is an ongoing ambition and continues to be a challenge met with
enthusiasm and success for Samsung Live.

The live video commerce team uses the excitement of a livestream to capture the
attention of website visitors currently in the consideration phase, encourage a push
forward in the purchase cycle, increase overall awareness, build brand affinity and
provide product education.

With the freedom of these livestreams, Samsung Live has the ability to go into more
product detail. The inclusion of audience interests like gaming, music and photography
makes users part of the overall Samsung Ecosystem experience, all while retaining
receptive customers’ attention.

What began as a fresh new take on video shopping to inform online audiences about
foldable technology has grown to become a major asset for Samsung Mobile.
Combining the utilization of adaptive creativity and cutting-edge data analysis, Samsung
Live is able to target receptive visitors, push them forward in the
purchase cycle and engage with customers in new and exciting ways.

Strategy and Execution

For a successful launch of Samsung Live, it was important to empower the project with
personalities that a wide range of potential new customers could identify with to
contextualize Samsung products within their own experience.

The search for these hosts required finding complementary dynamics to create a
friendly and engaging conversational atmosphere that would draw audiences into the
product education and demonstrations. Our fundamental program principle is to
demonstrate product capabilities that relate to the audience. Samsung Live hosts
specialize in specific passions, like video games or fitness, shared by viewers. These
talking points can be leveraged to create a personalized shopping experience.

In addition, these common passion points, along with creativity and host personalities,
were key elements in drafting episode scripts to ensure Samsung Live streamed and
continues to transmit a consistent, quality broadcast. These scripts ensure content
reliability and help the show include fluid dialogue.

Data based on website traffic, revenue and promotions was invaluable to maximize
viewership with regularly scheduled broadcasts. A firm schedule with exclusive,
high-energy and inspiring content to attract repeat viewers helped Samsung Live build a
loyal following and draw in first-time audience members who might otherwise have been
ephemeral website users.


The wildly successful results of Samsung Live speak for themselves in both numbers
and brand loyalty. Since its premiere, Samsung Live has surpassed expectations for its
ability to engage and inform. With its wide variety of episodes ranging from product
launches to gift guides, Samsung Live has proven more than capable of enhancing the
brand and driving sales.

Samsung Live’s achievements include:

Along with these impressive metrics, the unquantifiable benefits of Samsung Live have
limitless potential as well.

One of the challenges of living in a fast-paced, content-driven digital landscape is that
consumers crave large amounts of information in easy-to-digest formats. Thus,
revolutionary techniques of courting new customers or showing innovative new features
is imperative to survive.

Samsung Live is one of the first live-commerce ventures of its kind to face this
challenge head on, quenching this thirst for website visitors and paving the way for
e-commerce livestreams across industries. A fun and engaging atmosphere offers
thrilling ways to explore devices and shows how enjoyable technology can be.

A professional production that’s generous with elements of entertainment and humanity
keeps customers returning to Samsung, driving an increase in Samsung’s dividends.
This also attracts new customers and encourages switching from competitors’ devices
where no such engagement is offered. With these benefits, Samsung Live has
undoubtedly given Samsung mobile an unparalleled advantage in a highly competitive


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Cheil North America, Samsung Electronics America


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