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Root Causes

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The goal of the Root Causes podcast is simple: provide in-depth perspectives on the latest cybersecurity headlines, technologies, and trends to enable enterprise IT leaders to securely conduct business. The Root Causes differentiator is that its hosts tackle complex technical concepts in informative and entertaining conversations that are easy for busy executives to digest. Not only do they entertain their audience, but the Root Causes hosts also provide useful information these executives can employ to better the security of their own enterprises – based on more than fifty years of combined industry experience.

As enterprises continue to see increasingly sophisticated cyber threats disrupting businesses, new digital privacy laws, the evolution of cryptocurrencies, and continued hype around transformational technologies like the metaverse, Web3, and quantum computing, it’s crucial organizations of all sizes take a hard look at their cybersecurity strategies.

Sectigo Chief Experience Officer Tim Callan and SVP of Product Jason Soroko created the podcast in 2019 and in the short time they’ve recorded more than 275 episodes for a growing audience. Each week they dive into the “root causes” of cyber threats making headlines. They tackle a variety of topics centered around digital identities and how organizations can safeguard their businesses. 

Strategy and Execution

As friends and colleagues, Jason and Tim had developed a tradition of getting together and having deep and lively conversations about the trends and issues shaping security in today’s cyber world. One day Jason said, “If we recorded this, we would have a great podcast.”

Next thing you know, they were off to the races. Despite having busy executive schedules as leaders in their industry, Jason and Tim conceive, record, produce, and publish all their own episodes. They are beholden to no advertisers or corporate oversight, and each episode features their raw and unfiltered opinions on the critical issues governing digital identity and related security matters.

Jason and Tim started with the simple premise that they would create the podcast they wanted to listen to. They then rolled up their sleeves and just kept on producing episodes. Now, three years and nearly 300 episodes later, Root Causes has more than 200,000 listeners and is an essential voice in cryptography and digital identity.  All this with a marketing budget of zero. Their audience is built on the quality of their content and their unique perspectives as two industry luminaries in a field that is an indispensable component of modern digital infrastructure.


Root Causes is a five-star rated podcast that sits among the top 10 percent of global podcasts in popularity, as ranked by Listen Scores. Due to their leading expertise in the cybersecurity industry and the popularity of the podcast, Tim and Jason are regularly featured in publications discussing these complex and important topics of digital identities and identity management, quantum computers, deepfake technology, phishing scams, and much more. Some of the recent publications they’ve been featured in are The Daily Mail, Computer Weekly, Forbes and Silicon Republic.

In a particularly popular episode in August, 2022, Tim discussed his personal experience being involved in a “waterholing” phishing scam intended to raid job seekers’ bank accounts. Tim’s identity as a Sectigo executive was impersonated, and Tim recounted the experience, how he found out, and the challenges for other enterprises to combat such an attack.

It’s the personalized and real-world examples used in Root Causes that put complex topics into perspective and help enterprises securely transact business.


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