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Special Project

Special Project
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Quantasy + Associates

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Although one in every five adults is a woman of color, few wellness platforms address the unique needs of these 48 million Americans with imagery and content that affirms their place at the heart of American culture. The platform didn’t exist, that’s why Los Angeles-based agency Quantasy developed their own. 

True Voice is a health and wellness platform unlike any wellness app currently available. The goal of True Voice is to create a more accessible, inclusive and representative health and wellness industry through technology.  True voice offers therapist-designed wellness, self-care and meditation content that is accessible to that is accessible to every age and body type. It is also a live conversation platform and marketplace where The True Voice community can connect with each other and wellness practitioners. 

What makes True Voice truly unique is:

1. The focus on diverse voices as an experiential truth, not a trend.

2. The inclusivity of all people—beginning with Black and Brown Women.

3. A holistic approach to wellness—we are not selling any one-trick-ponies to health. We offer many points of entry to each individual’s wellness journey that are summed up in Practices, Teachings and Connections (Spaces community).

In late 2022, we are proud to announce that True Voice became available in the app store to allow us to thoughtfully grow our members and further our mission of making mental wellness available and inclusive.  

Strategy and Execution

An uncommon endeavor for an agency, Quantasy used our culture and technology expertise to build True Voice in-house with staffed creative directors, designers, and a dedicated community focused on mental wellness. We brought on a full-time therapist as the Head of wellness, Ashley Larkin, as an architect to the content on the platform.

We also wanted to establish the True Voice as a marketplace—a resource for creators to engage with their communities and connect with holistic healers and therapists that can relate on a deeper level, especially with a cultural lens. If you’re a practitioner, True Voice can help you find clients you never knew were looking for exactly what you're offering and help you facilitate the administration of your practice from booking sessions to accepting fees.

In 2022 we added Spaces, a live conversation platform within the True Voice app that offers everything from mindfulness talks to live practice and small affinity groups of people with like interests, with licensed facilitators. With segments created and hosted by True Voice staff and partners like The Cheat Codes”, designed to answer member’s most pressing wellness questions and how we live mindfully in different facets of our lives, and “The Process Group”, which invites members to commit to a 3 to 10-week peer support journey within a closed group of members.


True Voice was not designed to be an exclusive club or to replace professional help, but to provide support for wellness, self-care and meditation practices with a communal approach. As such, we made the deliberate decision to not have a registration goal but to initiate the platform as invite-only so that we could innovate and iterate while maintaining True Voice as safe space. 

As we are still in the development stage of the True Voice platform, we are unable to share quantifiable metrics as of yet, but knowing that daily wellness practices can be challenging for those not insulated by social privilege, a key metric of success for True Voice is adoption. Nearly all our members came in without a practice and now practice on a regular/daily basis.

We are also seeing this app used as a virtual brick-an- mortar for practitioners who are tired of using tools like zoom and facebook to host their experiences. Practitioners on the platform are using the space as a follow up to their yoga and meditations retreats and starting book clubs and discussion groups.

Because our focus is on inspiring members to have a vibrant and daily self-care experience, we consider this the ultimate success metrics.


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