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Pinterest Powerhouse: Winning by Pinning for Asian Beauty Essentials

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At Asian Beauty Essentials, we're on a mission to bring the best of Eastern skincare to the masses, creating a world where beauty is inclusive and accessible for all. Our Ripple Skincluded™️ philosophy is all about helping you find the perfect products and routines that fit your lifestyle and beauty goals. We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, and we're here to make that happen. Our Asian beauty products are sourced from the best of South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and more, to give you the natural glow of your idols. We understand that many Western skincare routines can be harsh and unsustainable, with "crash course" products that give quick results but cause long-term damage. That's why we've adapted Eastern skincare philosophies, with gentle multilayered routines that give you long-term, healthy, and hydrated skin.

To achieve our goal, we are building a community of beauty and skincare enthusiasts on Pinterest by sharing expert tips, trendy tutorials, and relatable inspiration. Our objective is to drive qualified traffic to our website while keeping our products inclusive and affordable for all.  We aim to establish ourselves as a go-to source of beauty and skincare knowledge and inspiration.

We use Pinterest to visually showcase our diverse beauty and skincare products, and provide skincare tips and routines tailored to different skin types and conditions. Our curated boards make it easy for customers to find what they need and stay up-to-date with industry trends and events.

Strategy and Execution

To bring our project to life, we have implemented a comprehensive plan of action that includes:

One of the major challenges we faced during the execution of our project was finding the balance between remaining relevant on the platform while also staying true to our brand's vision, mission, and voice. Despite the ever-changing landscape of the platform, we were determined to stay true to our brand's vision, mission, and voice. This meant that at times, we had to pass on trendy content that didn't align with our brand's voice. Instead, we focused on providing inspiration and education for our customers, allowing them to plan their beauty goals and find products that fit their lifestyle choices. In doing so, we were able to remain authentic, inclusive and community-focused, while still staying relevant on the platform. It was a delicate balance, but one that we were able to maintain through our commitment to our brand's ethos.

Overall, we believe that our work is unique as we strive to make beauty inclusive and affordable for all, promoting the idea of "skinclusion" through our Asian beauty products and helping customers plan their beauty goals with products and routines that fit their lifestyle choices. We are committed to building a community of beauty and skincare enthusiasts on Pinterest and establishing ourselves as a go-to source for skincare inspiration and education.


Our efforts on Pinterest have been a resounding success, meeting and exceeding our team's objectives. We have seen impressive results in terms of  engagement and website traffic through our creative, innovative and data-driven strategy.

In less than 3 months, we have achieved 100,000 monthly views, and our pins received over 5,000 repins and generated over 180,000 impressions. We have also seen a significant amount of qualified traffic driven to our website, with over 8,000 website visits directly resulting from our organic Pinterest presence. (NO PAID ADS)

Our Pinterest strategy, including extensive testing, optimization and original creative concepts, has been successful in driving engagement and website traffic. Despite not being a leader in the industry, we're proud of our achievements and confident in continuing to set the standard for excellence.

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