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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Non-Binary People Answer All Your Burning Questions

Finalist in Other Podcast Genres


Our objective for this topic was to help bring awareness to the general public through our 2nd Try LLC podcast, The TryPod, about gender-queerness, and to give a better understanding of what it means to be Non-Binary. Through this interview, we wanted to show enlightenment on the process of understanding what it means to be and live a Non-Binary lifestyle, and indirectly encourage those questioning their own identity, to not be afraid of asking questions.

Strategy and Execution

As a Try Guy who identifies with the LGBTQ+ demographic, Eugene Lee Yang, takes time to interview four Non-Binary people on our 2nd Try LLC branded podcast, The TryPod. Throughout this interview, Eugene asks the individuals about their processes of “coming out” and recognition of identifying as Non-Binary. In order to accurately depict what the lifestyle of a non-binary person is like, in preparation for this podcast recording we looked to our Try Guys fanbase to ask burning questions they had about being Non-Binary and how our guests' lives are lived. We sourced four friends who identify as such to come into our studio, willing and open to answering the questions that we had set beforehand. Eugene talked more as a moderator and gave his own bits about his life as a gay man, but kept the focus on the four guests and the questions sourced by fans. Our intention with these questions was to have our non-binary friends answer them in an honest and relatable manner.


This video resulted in a larger understanding of what it’s like to live life as a gender-queer, non-binary person. The podcast has reached 51 thousand views in the time that it’s been published on the YouTube channel, and continues to get more views. It received praise in its 385 comments, receiving appreciation from our fanbase for talking through such a raw, sensitive, and relevant subject matter in today’s society. Our objective was to bring awareness to the general public fanbase about living a non-binary lifestyle, and the results proved to be positive which is exactly what we aimed for.


Video for Non-Binary People Answer All Your Burning Questions

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The Try Guys/2nd Try LLC

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