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Newman's Own Foundation Invests in Possibilities!

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As part of our ongoing mission to share compelling stories to connect consumers to impact of where their dollars go, Newman's Own Foundation partnered with SeriousFun Children's Network to put a spotlight on the inspirational story of Jourdan, a 13-year-old SeriousFun Children's Network camper from Pennsylvania with sickle cell anemia who has been visiting Flying Horse Farms since 2017. For context, SeriousFun Children's Network is a global community of 30 camps and programs for seriously ill children and a grantee partner of Newman's Own Foundation. Just like Newman's Own Foundation, SeriousFun Children's Network was founded by celebrity and pioneering social entrepreneur, Paul Newman. With camp being the main theme connected to Jourdan's story, we decided to stay with the "fun" theme by animating his story. Our goal was to be specific as possible when it came to showing and illustrating Jourdan's experience at camp. When it comes to storytelling, we feel that it's vital for the viewer to see what their hearing when watching a video, so illustration was a top priority.  

Located in Ohio, Flying Horse Farms helps children and their families reach beyond illness to discover joy, confidence, and new possibilities and Newman's Own Foundation is proud to help them do so! Newman's Own Foundation Invests in Possibilities!







Through lots of collaboration, we were able to succesfully put this project together. Stakeholders included Newman's Own Foundation, SeriousFun Children's Network, SteegeThomson Communications, and Afresh Collective. As part of our strategic goal to share more compelling stories that connect consumers to impact of where their dollars go, we pursued the idea of showcasing an inspirational story connected to a child facing adversity, which is one of our main giving focus areas along with childhood nutrition security and nutrition security for Indigenous.

Our plan of action began with outreach to Serious Fun Children's Network in hopes of them helping us locate the right story to animate and tell. With an organization that includes a global community of 30 camps and programs for seriously ill children, Serious Fun Children's Network played the role of surveying and identifying the best story options. After receiving a handful of recommendations, we selected Jourdan's story as we felt like this was a great opportunity to put a spotlight on a demographic with a rare disease. 

Next steps included bringing in SteegeThomson, a communications agency and Afresh Collective, a video production company to help with strategy on bringing this to life. There were many challenges along the way connected to the world being in the midst of a global pandemic and working with a child with a serious health condition. Do to the challenges, we decided to conduct Jourdan's interview through the video-conferencing platform, Zoom. And because of this art direction, we decided to have Jourdan narrate his own story, while showcasing and incorporating the current times of videoconferencing into the context of the animation video. For one of the many examples throughout the video connected to technology and computers, please point your direction to seconds :03 - :12 in the animated video. Because of the nature of summer camps in general, other key features included illustrating a "fun" theme, and complying with ADA guidelines by included closed-captioning. For accuracy, we also kept the illustration very specific to what Jourdan narrated and for additional accuracy we even kept his animated shirt the same color as the one he wore in his zoom interview. 

In closing, we knew that time spent at SeriousFun Children's Network camps create lasting memories for children and their families and we wanted to bring the story full circle by relating it back to Newman's Own Foundation investing in possibilities. The best way to do that was by strategically selecting which soundbites to use for Jourdan's story. With him being a teen now, and being a returning camper for 5+ years, our questions centered around him talking about his camp experiences and the "why" behind why he likes returning to camp. We quickly found out that he's a return camper because it's a place where he can just simply be a kid. It's a place where living with sickle cell disease takes a back seat to having one the best experience of his life, and we were able to showcase that in the video.



Our success on this project was measured on a qualitative scale. In being able to put together a story on a successful outcome related to SeriousFun Children's Network Camps, we've been able to launch and pursue even more camper-related stories. We have built and are continuing to build a strong working relationship with SeriousFun Children's Network as we continue to share and cross-promote content together. While reaching the objective of clearly showing consumers where their dollars go, the food company has also been able to repurpose the content in their meetings with potential buyers to spotlight why having Newman's Own products in their respective stores will utlimately make the world as better place. 

As we're in the information age with lots of content being shared by the second, we accomplished our goal of adding some positive news to the world wide web and online community. From a qualitative perspective, being able to share positivity is something we stand on and prioritize as a company. We also look at this project as a success as we put this together in a safe manner for all parties during the midst of a global pandemic. Newman's Own Foundation will continue to invest in possibilities and we will continue to invest in marketing showcasing how we "invest in possibilities." Jourdan's animation story was one of the first projects we worked on as part of the Newman's Own Foundation rebrand and due to our success, it helped solidify us heading in the right direction.



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