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This two-part special was to create a reunion of racers who were chosen by NASCAR to be the next class of talent to watch and are now stars in the highest level of NASCAR competition. We wanted to showcase their personalities, close-knit relationships and share never-before-heard stories about their time developing together into some of the biggest stars in the business. The goal: Engage our audiences and storytell in a unique venue and manner.


This group of drivers reflect on what their journeys have been like from the beginning to what their successes are now on and off the track. They share untold stories of growing up being teenagers and making a career out of their passion inracing. It was a very relaxed atmosphere that was intended to create an environment where the drivers were able to open up about subjects they might not usually get asked about by the media. Additionally, we presented and distributed the content in multiple ways — longform versions on YouTube/Facebook and shorter, snappier clips across Twitter/Instagram/TikTok. Our goal: To meet the fans where they are.


This program showcased the drivers’ authentic selves, which can be difficult when the majority of their image is all business. Hearing Daniel Suarez (native-born Mexican driver) speak about how he learned English while racing with these guys was a true self challenge that he had to overcome if he wanted to race in NASCAR. With the help of Kaitlyn Vincie (FOX broadcaster) and Dylan “Mamba” Smith (NASCAR Social) who also raced with this group of drivers, they both were able to enhance the conversation with storytelling of their own. With this program, it truly shows how the NASCAR Industry is such a small sport and everyone is connected in some way.  For example, Brandon McReynolds who did not become a driver in the top series is still highly involved working with a driver developmental program.  Everyone’s journey is different and lets the audience know that there are many different paths to work in the sport of NASCAR.  Nostalgia is something that everyone is reflecting on these days and to hear stories from the past created a fun atmosphere that these drivers genuinely enjoyed participating in.  It’s programs like this one that fans live for. Additionally, this video project was our first attempt at a reunion show concept. Now that we have both data and wonderful sentiment around it, it’ll shape our storytelling on our platforms — and for presenting sponsors — for years to come. 


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