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#MyNewTitle Fiverr Campaign

Winner in LinkedIn

Audience Honor in LinkedIn


The idea behind the campaign, created by Fiverr’s employer branding and creative teams, was to pivot on the theme that Fiverr is an employee-first company: we are looking for great people, who are also great at their jobs. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness for Fiverr among potential employees supporting the Recruitment team in attracting new talent. Usually, job advertisements have a formal tone of voice that doesn’t reflect the candidate's personality or the company’s DNA. Through this campaign, Fiverr wanted to build a narrative closer to what jobs and the people in them are really like, unfiltered, straight to the point, and joking about things that really happen every day in working life.

Strategy and Execution

In January, Fiverr ‘hacked’ LinkedIn. For a day, Fiverr was mentioned on the feeds of everyone in the company and across their networks as each person updated their job titles to include something more personal and fun that put the corporate culture, values, ​​and employees at the center of the campaign. Fiverr employees were able to invent their own personalized, unique positions, ranging from "Someone who skips meetings to do actual work, who's also a software development team leader" to “Head of saying what everyone else is thinking, who's also a Product Manager" and “Someone who doesn't like office politics, who's also a data analyst". By collectively posting these job updates, Fiverr was able to provide some levity on an often serious, buttoned-up, platform like LinkedIn, while drawing attention to Fiverr’s authentic and collaborative culture. The activation on LinkedIn was followed up with ads for jobs that mirrored the titles employees had chosen to add to their current titles. While LinkedIn served as the campaign’s main channel, these posts were also accompanied by content on other social platforms, as well as OOH activity in Israel, as Fiverr HQ is in Tel Aviv.


The results were astonishing. As a result of the collective activation, Fiverr was widely mentioned across LinkedIn — 357 employees changed their job titles, resulting in an estimated 2,604,315 views on the platform. Visits to Fiverr’s career page increased by 91.84%. Fiverr Recruitment saw a 43% increase in the number of applications received compared to the same period last year (January 25th to February 24th). There was also a 77.8% increase in the acceptance rate to Fiverr’s contract proposal. 

In addition to supporting Fiverr’s recruitment efforts, the campaign generated enthusiasm and excitement across Fiverr employee networks. It provided an opportunity for current employees, regardless of their role, to take part in a global campaign and interact with one another, increasing internal engagement while underscoring the company’s collaborative and connected culture. Fiverr’s mission is to change how the world works together — this campaign underscored the company’s innovative brand strategy, positioning Fiverr at the forefront of the future of work.


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