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My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty - 48 Hours & CBS News

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In the “My Life of Crime” podcast "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty takes listeners
through immersive and intimate true-crime investigations. Moriarty brings almost three
decades of experience as a lawyer and reporter involved in murder cases, which affects
how she analyzes cases and builds trust with interviewees, leading to narratives that go
beyond the dichotomy of perpetrator and victim.

In each episode, Moriarty covers murder investigations step-by-step, taking care to
focus on the voices of those most affected by the case and crime. Emphasizing the
voices of the people involved creates room for empathy, understanding and nuance
beyond sensational headlines.

Strategy and Execution

This podcast tackles true crime in the sense that it presents as full a version of the
“truth” as possible within each investigation because it really digs into the people and
perspectives tied to the cold, hard facts.  And by explaining legal issues in a clear,
understandable way, we may also prepare listeners to be better jurors.
This podcast is highly produced, utilizing a full-range of sonic elements to bring listeners
into the story with narrations, tape, music, and sound effects. In one sense, we aimed
for listeners to be fully present with the people involved in the case, whether “being” in
the courtroom or empathizing with the characters and having tragedies hit home. 
Serial killers, stalkers,'s all on the latest season of "My Life of Crime".


My Life of Crime has a number of accolades and nominations, including: 


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