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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Miller Light: Roast & Toast

Silver Honor in Voice


We needed a strategy and voice to cut through the noise on social media while staying true to what Miller Lite stands for. We’ve been giving people taste they can depend on since 1975, So we thought, what if we apply that authenticity to the very inauthentic world of social media? We set out to create a social voice and strategy as simple and straightforward as the ingredients in our beer and engage our following and beyond in the process.

Strategy and Execution

We knocked down a few content pillars, threw some buzzwords on the bonfire and made an approach to social that gave as strong point of view on almost any subject: we exist to toast the authentic and roast the inauthentic. We paired this with our simple, self-aware and honest tone of voice and never looked back.

We created lists of roasts and toasts in culture, sports, and life in general for our creatives to feast on. On a daily, even hourly basis, we monitored what was going on in the world for opportunities to roast and toast with agility. We even cut through all the noise around the Super Bowl with a simple roast tweet.


Roast and Toast gave us a way to communicate the straight-talking simplicity people love about our product and allowed us to join cultural conversations with something fresh and relevant to say. 

With no paid support, this pure content play earned us 41.8 million impressions, 1.6 million engagements, and almost 11,000 retweets. We showed that if you've got something to say and a strong voice to say it with, people will listen.


Video for Miller Light: Roast & Toast

Entrant Company / Organization Name

VOLT - A Molson Coors Studio, Molson Coors


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