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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Gold Honor in Family and Parenting

Audience Honor in Family and Parenting


90% of the human brain is developed by age 5. Neuroscientists agree that about 50% of who we become is based on genetics, and the other half is environment. This makes the stakes feel high, but research shows that creating the optimal environment isn’t complicated. It’s possible to implement simple strategies, practices and habits at home if equipped with the right information.

To address this, Lovevery offers a holistic support system for families. They don’t just design products to support healthy brain development. Lovevery's early learning program also delivers the knowledge and insights parents need to get more out of every experience with their child. 

Lovevery’s social channels exist to support this mission by: 

1) Making child development research convenient and accessible to parents. 

Sometimes, the abundance of information out there can feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate. It’s hard to find a single source of truth on parenting, one that is trusted and actionable. Lovevery’s social media presence helps parents make sense of the science behind early learning. They provide parents with the research and resources they need to make informed choices. 

2) Fostering an engaged community for caregivers through shared experiences. 

Parents in search of community can also come to Lovevery’s social channels, not only to access tips and facts, but also to engage with other caregivers and celebrate the moments of joy and realities of being a parent. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, Lovevery followers can focus on finding meaning and deeper parent-child connection.

Strategy and Execution

Lovevery leverages their social media platforms to share actionable, science-backed tips, insights and activities, delivering them in bite-sized, easy-to-digest formats in order to be of service to parents in a way that fits with their busy lives. This is best exemplified on their Instagram and TikTok, where tips and facts on development and different parenting approaches are shared at a regular cadence, including: how to talk to your baby, methods for toy rotation to encourage deeper play, supporting a toddler through a tantrum, how to create a Montessori reading corner, and so much more.  


Central to this is Lovevery’s unique approach to working with experts, which include practitioners and researchers across education, neuroscience, speech and language pathology, Montessori, occupational and physical therapy, psychology, and much more. In addition to collaborating with experts to design their products, Lovevery also gives them a platform on social. This includes interviews, takeovers, and other features, such as a live Q&A with Dr. Becky Kennedy about how to work through big moments with your toddler and a demonstration from Occupational Therapist, Rachel Coley on ways to play with your baby to support developmental milestones. 


This expert strategy also ensures that Lovevery’s social media presence is a thoughtful and cohesive extension of their physical product: Lovevery’s flagship early learning program, The Play Kits. The program includes a curated selection of books and playthings (delivered monthly by subscription), as well as Play Guides, blog content, a podcast, and weekly development emails. Lovevery’s Instagram and TikTok are a seamless extension of their early learning program, enhancing the experience that the physical product delivers. In addition to connecting with experts on social, parents can also learn about ways to play, along with DIY activities that can take the Play Kits experience a step further. 


In order to build community, Lovevery delivers their child development messages from a place of solidarity and empathy, rather than as a top down authority. Lovevery communicates in a way that makes parents feel supported and empowers them to make their own decisions based on the information presented and what fits with their family’s lifestyle. 


An important component of this is showcasing joy and connection, which Lovevery takes care to balance with sharing the science and the nerdy edge of childhood development. Joy is a throughline for Lovevery’s in-house creative that is featured across social, but it also serves as inspiration for their community to actively participate in UGC creation. Through Lovevery’s playthings, ideas for ways to play, and DIY activities parents are energized to share their own experiences at home, this even includes notable influencers and celebrities (see examples in links section). 


Throughout these moments of joy, Lovevery always ensures their content is of-service to parents. With their books for children, Lovevery prioritizes representation through the “windows and mirrors” approach. The same is applied to their social media, where they share stories and moments to authentically reflect their broad customer base and their lived experiences (see examples in links section).  


Since launching in 2017, Lovevery has grown into a brand beloved by families in 32 markets worldwide with over 320,000 active subscribers. 

Globally across multiple social platforms Lovevery has 1.8 million followers, and in 2022, they had a total of 4 million engagements, 126 million impressions, and 93 million views.

In the U.S. alone, Lovevery’s customer base includes nearly 60% of all zip codes, and the brand recently surpassed 1M followers on Instagram, 330k followers on Tik Tok, 86 million impressions, and 55 million views.

With over 1.04M followers at the end of 2022, Lovevery's Instagram page increased its total followers by 39% and its Follower Growth Rate by 1,833% over the course of the year. On Tik Tok, Lovevery reached 330k followers, a 256% increase from 2021. Lovevery’s community is growing faster and reaching further than the competitive set—including legacy toy companies and other subscription box companies—and is even outperforming top consumer brands, like Lululemon, Chipotle, Sephora, and Wendys in terms of Follower Growth Rate. 

But perhaps the most important measurement of success is the brand love and customer feedback that Lovevery receives. Here are just a few recent examples:


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