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Love Victor - Season 3 Social Campaign

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Hulu came to us to help promote the third and final season of their inclusive and popular show Love, Victor.

They challenged us to pick up on the cliffhanger left at the end of season 2 as to which romantic lead the protagonist, Victor, would end up pursuing in season 3. There was a vocal fandom for both #TeamBenji and #TeamRahim on social that we leaned into to get people to tune into the season 3 premiere.

We were also challenged with the announcement that the series would be one of the first to also be available on Disney+ from Hulu's original series.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy was to dive into the social fandoms to see why each camp shipped their respective couples so hard. We built two fancams that played into the best moments from Victor's relationships with each. We also built a piece around the cliffhanger of Victor going to one of their home's in the Season 2 finale. At the end of season 2, fans saw Victor ring a doorbell, but it was left a mystery as to which of his crushes he picked. To play into that moment, we teased the clip as if the door would open to show fans who was on the other side... only to announce OUR big surprise was that the series would be available on Disney+.

During the season, we played around with the idea of senior year of high school by making bespoke designed pieces that were doodled on as if written into a yearbook. These were around the favorite character relationships from fans.

We also got to join the Love, Victor cast at a live shoot, where we scripted, shot and produced social pieces of them doing impressions and holding a Q&A session on a Ferris wheel, which is an iconic setpiece in the series. These pieces allowed the cast to reminisce on favorite moments from the show and let the audience feel like they were a part of the ensemble as they said goodbye to one of Hulu's best performing narrative series.


The doorbell tease piece which drove the Season 3 return date, and also the announcement that the series would be on Disney+, got 150k organic views and thousands of comments of fans excited that the series was returning, and guessing who would ultimately end up with Victor.

Our organic content got over 100,000 likes - with the original on-site shoot content we captured in particular resonating with fans, who got to enjoy the cast looking back at three seasons of being on the show and playfully impersonating one another. While fans were sad to see one of their favorite shows ending, they loved the content that was being promoted to give the show a fitting farewell.


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