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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Love Nature

Finalist in Pets & Animals

Entered in Facebook Presence


Love Nature is more than just a wildlife and nature brand. It is a movement that aims to bring people closer to the natural world from their own home. Through their award-winning library of 4K natural history series and documentaries, Love Nature showcases the beauty and complexity of the planet we call home, while also highlighting the challenges that it faces.

At the core of Love Nature's mission is a commitment to 100% factual content. Our programming is based on scientific research, designed to educate and inform audiences about the natural world. From tracking wild dog packs in a wildlife haven to following orphaned orangutans as they learn survival skills, Love Nature's programming offers a unique and immersive perspective on the animal kingdom.

In addition to linear TV and streaming platforms, Love Nature’s main objective is to grow our digital presence and connect with our global audience on different platforms. 

Strategy and Execution

To get people closer to nature from their own homes, Love Nature employs a multifaceted strategy. First and foremost, Love Nature has built an impressive library of natural history content that is available for viewing on linear TV and streaming platforms. 

However, we recognize that not everyone has access to linear TV or streaming services. To reach a broader audience, Love Nature has prioritized growing its digital presence. Our focus includes frequently posting high impact videos that are optimized for Facebook. We’re currently maintaining a posting rate of 25 short videos per week across all our platforms. By sharing these videos, Love Nature is able to reach people who might not otherwise have access to its content.

The challenge is in carefully selecting videos that are likely to resonate with our audience and editing them down to their most impactful moments to capture and hold the viewer's attention. Through trial and error, and developing an understanding of our audience, we were able to find success with Predator vs. Prey content featuring lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, and large reptiles, among many other fan favorites. 

In addition to frequently posting content Facebook, Love Nature has also launched a 24-7 Wildlife & Natural History channel. This channel provides viewers with round-the-clock access to natural history content, allowing them to immerse themselves in the natural world no matter where they are. 


The team's goal of increasing our digital presence has been successful, as evidenced by the 2+ million followers gained across all our social platforms. .

On Facebook alone, we have amassed 1.3 million followers. Furthermore, the fact that most viewers are not followers of the brand, with 88-92% of views coming from the browse feature on Facebook, is a testament to our ability to create engaging content that captures the attention of new audiences. Year-over-year our views increased by 61%, watch time increased by 160%, and followers by 32.4%, as well as the 350% increase in videos published, all demonstrating that Love Nature's strategy has been successful.

This increased engagement has not only driven revenue for the brand but has also helped to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for nature among our audience. Overall, Love Nature's digital strategy has been a resounding success, and the results achieved are a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication.


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Love Nature is a media brand run by Blue Ant Media


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