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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Let's Get Haunted Podcast

Winner in Comedy Podcast


Let's Get Haunted is an all-female, independent podcast produced, written, recorded, and edited completely by two best friends named Nat and Aly. A true "DIY Podcast", Let's Get Haunted started on the floor of Nat's bathroom with the worst sound quality one could ever imagine. From there, the hosts began teaching themselves about all facets of podcasting, from SEO and algorithms to audio engineering and software programs. Despite both working fulltime "day jobs", Nat & Aly have earned a reputation for putting out unique and interesting content at any cost, even when they had no fixed recording location and had to lug mics and cords between the homes of Nat's Tinder dates to record episodes.

What began as a hobby with less than 5,000 streams per month in 2019, has since grown into a loving community of misfits, hellbent on tackling the dark side of the world together, over 4 million streams strong worldwide. 

While the subject matter of Let's Get Haunted focuses around the paranormal, the "Haunties" - as its community is called - channels its energy into creating positivity out of "haunted" (aka negative) situations. 

Strategy and Execution

Each episode centers around an intriguing mystery in history from around the world. Past episodes have featured a wide variety of guests and interviews with experts such as scientists, war veterans, ex-CIA operatives, professors, comedians, and Company CEOs.

Before diving into the juicy topic at hand, co-hosts Aly and Nat kick off each episode with banter about their personal lives and things that matter to them that week, a segment coined "Personal Hauntings". Despite any misfortunes or frustrations the week has brought about, LGH seeks to find the humor in any situation. From the time Aly was attacked in a parking lot by a guy wielding a sword to the time Nat went to jail, Let's Get Haunted doesn't shy away from sharing the more outrageous moments in their personal lives.

After going through their "Personal Hauntings", the hosts then dive into the episode topic of the day, or the "Haunting Du Jour". From stories of the Cold War to cultural folklore to cryptids, you're guaranteed to never be bored and always learn something new!

Above all, LGH seeks to remind the world that, though we're all a little bit haunted on the inside (we all have our trials and demons to overcome), that doesn't mean that we can't pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and soldier on. 


Over the past calendar year, Let's Get Haunted has accummulated the following accolades:

...a permanent studio space in L.A.!

…a consistent, organic increase in monthly streams by 32%!

…nominated for the Best Entertainment Podcast in the 2022 Podcast Awards!

…winners of the Silver Award in the “Weird” Category of the 2022 Signal Awards!

…achieving virality on TikTok with an audience size increase of 870% on the app!

…achieving a spot in the Top 1% most-shared podcasts on Spotify (GLOBALLY)

…achieving a spot in theTop 1% most-followed podcasts on Spotify (GLOBALLY)

...and much, much more!



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