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While you may not anticipate changing, many experience self-growth through blogging, especially those who choose to make a profession in writing, like myself. Whether writing socially, or as aspiring student and author, being strong enough to appreciate the changes you go through as a person is what makes you a professional blogger. Just don't give up on your dreams and passions in life, over one post or photo. Like many new to blogging, it's easy to feel inhibited, insecure, and rejected even when you're trying, you're hardest. It's a steep learning curve to popularity online, so know yourself, and soon enough you will get know your audience who will start participating and sending likes before you know it, usually when you are too busy paying attention to other things in life, is when people come around, not necessarily when you are focused on them. A good story, book, or writing is one that opens people up to feeling better about right now and the past, which challenges most of us. It's never too late to improve. I have found that through improvement and dedication to activities like fitness and AA meetings, this has built respect and a low-pressure environment from which to share. A lot of blogging has to do with keeping track of your progress and having something to show for your improvement. Just this year I was able to get my first paid jobs in law and was fortunate to be published in a magazine online, and was invited to audition for roles on allcasting, and experienced my first audition on Backstage. Seems like the better you feel about yourself, and the more you achieve in life, the higher the likelihood of you being picked for other roles in life. This was the key lesson I learned as a blogger, maybe I didn't get to monetize my work and be paid for it, but at least it situated me in a better place in life, to account for the years in which I was not able to get a paid job or misunderstood with disability.

Motivational Tips for Aspiring Bloggers and Website Designers

Manage Difficulty in Life Professionally, Hard to Say, But Worth the Length of Time to Explain 

No matter what hurdles or mental health issues I've face in life, I have always sought to create a better outlook both for myself and for others reading along. No matter what stage in any recovery process you stand, there is always someone who has the experience to have gone through hell and back enough times, to reassure you that you are a good person, and don't have to go down those roads in life, suffer to the same extent. It was both a blessing and a curse to be diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar and took many years to adjust to the meds and carry on as normal of a life as I could make for myself. You'll want to help others once you've been through hardship, depression, or failure, enough times to know that it is possible to heal after all of that turmoil, and you can once again lead a normal life.

It's hard to understand how to get help, or to know what you need help with, and hopefully I am someone online, who can help others to identify whether or not they have a problem, or if someone has a problem with them, how to go about life, getting help and support, and continue on as they are. I think as a blogger you have a huge responsibility to carry on in a life that others approve of, not that everyone is a lifestyle blogger, but to lead a life similar to the life you speak of online. It's important to have a life that matches the quality of the life you have been able to create for yourself online. It wouldn’t make sense for it to be any different. Eventually we all hope to get to phases in life, when we can work with others, have our websites bought or developed by professionals in tech, and create opportunities for others, and that's not something you can envision for yourself, before it happens, it takes being offered opportunities in life, or contacted to know what you value seems like to others, who are also looking to build value.

Help with No Regrets and Own Your Mistakes in Life and Imperfections

Why Becoming a Blogger Builds Confidence as a Writer

If you ever feel compelled to help others, and seek to share insights through writing, that have helped you to become a stronger person, then it would be wise to demonstrate that care at some point in your life, and that is a writing that others can appreciate. In the haste to be known, sometimes we share on platforms that maybe don’t cater to what it means to be a writer, and how important it is to manage that connection to your work and to your audience.

To start, I was lucky to read a few good articles on how to be a blogger, featured on my #bloggintips page on my first website. I must admit, those thriving online and earning a living blogging, inspired me, in addition to all the perfect photos everyone was able to take. I decided to take on the challenge, to blog at least every day. To start blogging will be about what you have to offer to others, and the most well-known formats of blog posts occur in the form of articles in which you are either taught how to blog or learn lessons and introductions on what type of posts you should be creating for your audience.

All professional endeavors are about performing to a standard, and then you have to be you, and share your journey, what you’ve learned, and what appeared to be less promising moments as a writer, and not featured online. All writing works in the same way, either to support an impression that you care and with a returned expectation of quality, which is the beauty of blogging improving overtime so to be a self-improvement blogger is almost a given when it comes to blogging. If it’s something you believe in and are consistent with then you will make a good impression, and like all privileges in life the minute you don’t sound like yourself all respect is lost, there is really no reading into the unnecessary to comprehend a person who is not in tune with what is right even if about themselves and focused too much on negatives.

Common challenges faced are becoming known, well regarded, sticking to an acceptable standard in life, and not fall below their own means or imperfections. So, expect that there will be challenges along your way. A good book doesn’t happen in one swoop it’s a collection of your good days compiled into a finished composition, upon focusing on assembling a group or written works that finally make a book, that’s the benefit of a book, it shows dedication, but the learning doesn’t stop there. After becoming known it will also be important to take into account what everyone else thinks and feels and make sure that you don’t mention anything that you have not figured out yet in life, or figured out the wrong way, focus on the positives in life.

What most people will take away from your book are your honest opinions, trusted depending on the quality of professional presentation of your work. If you haven’t noticed, things have improved so much, that previous efforts seem like less effort or work was put into the accomplishment. I assure you to start with nothing and to create something, doesn’t look as stupid as simple as it looks to be made. It's hard to fill the pages of a book, and to create solution for what is not said, the challenge of most writers, and people becoming known for their strength, not a plan or route for destruction or reminder of it, and this you learn the hard way, that although you may not say what you stand for or are connected to in life, everything about you gets related. So, either start getting used to the treatment, or take meds, and not think anything too much of it.

The best way to prevent a bad idea from occurring is usually not to mention, not unless to not talk about leaves an assumption for allowing things to happen, and on what basis, always be honest about your condition and your history. So long as you do your best to improve, people will be more forgiving of less confident moments, or when things look off. Eventually you will figure out how to sound no matter what happens, even if made to apologize about harder times in life, will not make sense, once you wind up sounding better in the long run. Who can explain mental health issues anyways? It's never easy to explain lesser moments in life, before arriving to a better condition mental health wise. The less you expect the more you enable others to be left feeling strong too motivated, not one held back in life to the others place in life. That’s the gift of knowledge, it’s something recorded upon study, and is something worth learning. Then there are your 12 steps of lesser moments in life, be sure to always apologize and make clear that it was never your intent in life to struggle or to drink or get in trouble, and that it was also not destined for you to either help all or fail to meet the mark, on certain issues. When everyone gets to be human, is an important moment in time, usually occurring when our defenses are down, and we can accept and feel good about where we each are in life, a peaceful assembly.



After submission of my work to, I was ranked in public among other popular bloggers in the genres of self-improvement and personal development. A self-help blogger with years’ experience overcoming and identifying mental health issues and getting help when it was needed. Had I not experienced bipolar due to drinking, or voices & self-harm due to bullying and schizophrenia, I would have never self-harmed or ever become suicidal in the process of figuring out what was wrong with me, that's how some of us learn and improve, by getting stronger, and taking meds. Sometimes you're only option is to be treated in a hospital for things not going right for you mentally or medically. It takes time to have confidence in yourself and to know when to get help, and it won't always be obvious when a good time to get help is. So, manage yourself well, and for everything else you fear in life, have faith that you can get strong again, get A's in law school again, and graduate with at least some degree.

Please vote for ( for Best Personal Development Blog to honor my following, my supporters, and everyone who has contributed to causes supporting the peace and well-being of all those who have suffered from violence, addiction, self-harm, and other related mental health issues. -I hope to write a book one day, one step at a time.


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