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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Kinetic SEO + SEM

Entered in Search


The operation of Paid Search and Organic Search teams is typically siloed. The Union Search Tool aims to visualize and analyze the impact paid search has on organic search and vice versa.  By combining Paid Search and Organic Search terms we are able to accurately visualize the halo effect, evaluate keywords to focus on in organic search, and reduce ad spend for highly ranked keywords. Using machine learning for sentiment analysis we can also evaluate users sentiment towards a brand based on the searches they make. The main objectives are to: reduce wasted spend in Paid Search by optimizing budgets and improving performance, inform our content creation strategy based on data, and observe paid and organic trends over time.


Strategy and Execution

By leveraging the Union Search Tool, we can gain powerful insights into Paid and Organic Search performance, identify opportunities for optimization and create more effective campaigns. The tool brings together paid search data with organic search data in one place, allowing teams to quickly spot any trends they may have missed when looking at either source in isolation. Additionally, the tool provides real-time insights into user sentiment towards a brand or product by running sentiment analysis on associated keywords. This helps marketers get an understanding of how users feel about a particular brand or product which can be used to inform content strategies.


The main KPI for this client is to increase the amount of qualified entries into their cart flow as well as increase the rate people enter the cart then end up completing a purchase. In addition the client wants to generate more leads and orders while decreasing their overall cost per lead in Paid Search campaigns. By giving cross-departmental teams insights into cross-platform performance, we were able to increase our Organic Search entrance-to-checkout rate by 39% and increase the number of qualified entries by 30%. From a Paid Search perspective we were able to decrease our cost per lead by 19% while increasing the total leads from paid search by 30%.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Union (Joins Valtech), Kinetic

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