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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Entered in Sound


Across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, soothing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) content is everywhere. The #asmr has over 527.5B TikTok views and 401 billion views on Instagram and the trend is capturing Gen Z’s attention. A recent 2022 Ipsos survey of thousands of Gen Z respondents revealed that 83% have used YouTube to watch and listen to the brain-soothing videos. 

In this made-for-social film, Dell Technologies takes the viewer on a walk on a crisp December morning after fresh snowfall. We sit by the fireplace with a warm drink in hand, tapping into more than just the relatable sights of the holidays, but the distinct and cozy sounds as well. Using the coziness and comfort of December, the work is a unique ASMR-themed experience for a quick and soothing “brain massage” for viewers by creating an Instagram Reel that is both comforting and human. 

The film aims to remind the viewers of the feeling of the holidays, and the joy of giving and receiving using sound and intentional imagery.

Strategy and Execution

ASMR on social media is in large part, user-generated content, focusing on sounds and feelings. We approached the development of this film with a key strategic lens: how can Dell Technologies as a brand tap into the language that is used on social media, and truly remind users of what Dell "feels like."

We wanted to make you feel like you were there, and explore the power of ASMR on social media, harnessing this trend to evoke a visceral and emotional response in audiences.

The inspiration is simple: remind viewers of the joy of new technology and the holidays. The execution was equally simple: shot in our in-house studio with the addition of stock footage but making sound the centerpiece. 

By moving away from traditional features-based storytelling and instead focusing on the power of sensation and experience, we have created a piece that is unique, authentic and resonant.


With this work, Dell Technologies stands out as a brand that fully leverages the potential of social media platforms, particularly Instagram Reels. Through the innovative use of this feature, the work portrays an authentic and vibrant brand, complementing their position as a global technology leader. 


Video for HolidaySMR

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Wunderman Thompson Studios Copenhagen, Dell Technologies


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