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Helping Suffering Ukrainians

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Since the war in Ukraine began in late February 2022, media has shown what is visible in the natural: pain and suffering, violence and bloodshed, heartbreak and hopelessness.

We see the other side of the story. The story of hope and lives changed.

Through the SGA Ukraine Emergency Campaign, we endeavor to tell more of this story to a wider audience, and encourage them by seeing people blessed during the war in Ukraine. And all of us have an opportunity to help the hurting and be a part of this life-changing work!

Strategy and Execution

SGA has a deep network of sponsored churches in the Ukraine and surrounding areas. Because of this, SGA has been able to receive real-time stories and updates from the war zone. At the start of the war, homepage banners on SGA’s website were updated every 48 hours along with stories, prayer requests and videos being posted to a War Updates page. As of January 2023, SGA is still receiving daily updates from the ground in Ukraine that are then posted on the website as the war continues.

Homepage lightboxes were also deployed as new developments and stories were received. Site visitors have the opportunity to donate and also join in prayer.

The sticky box element on the homepage was added for those who closed the lightbox with the video, but wanted to be able to access it later. The sticky box also travels down the page as the user scrolls so it does not get lost with other content on the homepage.

Regular updates from the field allow site visitors to get consistent content directly from the source, understanding the impact of their giving.

After receiving an abundance of heartbreaking and inspiring stories and images, Digizent compiled resources received from SGA to create a video series as videos increase engagement rates and can be most impactful to a potential donor. Telling the story through real images can quickly grab attention and engagement where it otherwise may not occur. These videos were released on the website, via email, social media and on the landing pages.

The very first Ukraine related email was deployed within 36 hours of the start of the war. Since then, a series of War Reports featuring the stories received from SGAsponsored pastors on the ground in Ukraine, along with email appeals have been sent to raise donations for supplies needed.

Digizent's proprietary FlexFormz platform donation forms that tie into each email/digital element are deployed with tangible gift arrays so donors can easily give to help Ukraine efforts.


The campaign continues to have significant impact, providing meals, heating materials, generators, clothing, transportation, and so much more — including hope — to people in desperate situations.

To date, the campaign has raised $1,444,565.37 that has gone directly to support refugees, families, children, widows, and churches, as they attempt to survive and rebuild while facing unimaginable obstacles.



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Digizent International, Slavic Gospel Association


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