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Headspace Women’s Minds & Bodies Collection

Audience Honor in Fitness, Health, & Wellness


The Headspace Women’s Minds & Bodies Collection is an expansive in-app collection created to celebrate, support, and empower individuals who identify as women, in response to our members who have expressed emotional challenges they face, not only with their mental health, but their physical health, too. The Women’s Collection focuses on Sex and Relationships, Body and Health, and Solidarity and Empowerment; all curated and created with women’s health experts to encourage proudly prioritizing your body, mind, and wellbeing. The Women's Collection features some of Headspace's own mindfulness and meditation teachers Dora Kamau, Eve Lewis Prieto and Samantha Snowden and is made up of three different categories: 

Body and Health: Befriend your body, and find support if trying to conceive or healing after a miscarriage.

Sex and Relationships: Strengthen connection and communication, and deepen intimacy with partners and yourself.

Strength in Solidarity: Find a safe space to process difficult emotions through times of crisis and injustice.

Strategy and Execution

Building on the retention value index insights, we knew that developing niche content added great value to our members. A large percentage of our members recognize themselves as women (roughly 70%, with almost 50% between 25-44) thus why we decided to create a suite of content that affects so many of our members. The content was developed to highlight the connection between women’s mental and physical wellbeing, and the benefits of mindfulness to both. 

As part of the launch, Headspace created a video in collaboration with women's community app, Peanut. The video ʻLetʼs Talk About Sex,ʼ highlights a group of women discussing their varied sexual experiences with Kate Moyle, a psychosexual and relationship therapist who has worked on the app's new sex and relationships content. Our objective was to enable people to feel less isolated in their anxieties, introducing them to Headspace and Peanut’s unique ability to support them in their journey towards having a positive relationship to their sexual health.


The Women's Collection lives in the Headspace app as a collection and garnered an incredible 19,000 starts in-app in the first 7 days, and 73,800 starts in-app in 30 days, making it Headspace's second best-performing collection of 2022. The Women’s Collection had higher repeat starts and completes and was a really successful curated collection that out-performed other collections because of its marketing efforts. 


Video for Headspace Women’s Minds & Bodies Collection

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