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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

HBO: Industry S2

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After two years off the air Industry returned to HBO with a Season 2 that delivered even more scandal, drama, and juicy moments. To match this new energy, our goal was to revamp the visual direction and make @IndustryHBO’s social presence bigger, brighter, and bolder. 

We set out to reignite Industry’s fan base while driving engagement, generating buzz, and inviting a new audience to join in on the action. Throughout the season we continuously immersed our fans into the cutthroat world of Pierpoint through interactive Instagram content, tapping into engaging platform features to highlight the most jaw-dropping, salacious moments.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Following Industry’s two year hiatus from the air, GLOW and HBO teamed up once again to re-introduce the cutthroat world of the international bank Pierpoint & Co. to social. We built off Season 1’s success through an updated Season 2 campaign that tapped into new platform features and welcomed fans back. We effectively generated awareness and buzz amongst fans new and old, spotlighting our cast and selling the dramatic tension and excitement of the series along the way.

Here’s how we did it:

The first step? Taking a bold new approach to the look and feel of our social handle, elevating it and making it punchier than Season 1. We relied on brighter colors to portray the uncontrolled and erratic behaviors of the characters, showcasing the newfound confidence of our young professionals with bolder fonts, and blurring our type to demonstrate the blurred lines between personal and professional.

Next, we kicked off our campaign through a catch-up focused approach, recapping all the antics of Season 1 through a “corporate” lens. We leaned into work jargon and email culture to bring the relatability of our characters to the forefront. 

As the campaign progressed, we focused in on the following content buckets to reel fans in:

Through interactive content, we blurred the lines between work and play, continuing to act as the world-adjacent, omnipresent co-worker that knows everyone's business and isn’t afraid to air it. Using interactive Instagram Story franchises we tapped into polls, emoji sliders, and question stickers to immerse our audience into the ruthless finance world of Pierpoint, allowing them to weigh in on every career move and risqué decision. 

We highlighted the most scandalous and jaw dropping moments both on and off the trading floor, along with the grievances of corporate life, via engaging Reels, timely unit photography, and relatable memes. 

As a result, our fans came to our profile ready to engage, and we welcomed them with open arms. Together, we discussed series plot points, reacted to the juiciest moments, and theorized about what was to come. Using always-on community management, we built an online community of Pierpoint’s finest, and even rewarded our fanbase for their dedication with a merch giveaway.


Using a social-first approach, we set out to reignite Industry’s fan base after two years off the air to further grow the Pierpoint community–and we succeeded.  Highlights include:

Just take it from our community:


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