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HangarFour Creative x Indeed – Career Talks

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Indeed launched Career Talks to allow some of the most successful C-Suite level executives to share their learnings with the C-Suite executives of the future. These conversations are voyeuristic in nature and not scripted, more in line with a podcast than a daytime talk show. Each guest is asked questions by a relatable young host, though the conversations are organic. Indeed’s goal is to foster an intimate and genuine conversation between the host and inspiring guests. The end goal is to connect with the next generation and to make them see that they too - no matter what their barriers may be - can aspire to be whatever they dare to dream to be.


Career Talks by Indeed is an original video series hosted on Indeed’s YouTube channel and produced by HangarFour. In alignment with Indeed’s mission to help people get jobs, this series invites successful and relatable executives to share their stories and career insights. Each episode is about a specific career-related topic that job seekers are hungry for on YouTube. By utilizing YouTube's poll function, Indeed's subscribers chose the various topics discussed by top CEO's interviewed, including biggest career mistakes, how to ask for a raise, advice for young professionals.

Indeed’s predominant audience on YouTube is Gen Z and Millennial job seekers in the U.S. This audience is eager to grow professionally and learn from experts in their field. Indeed research shows that 57% of Gen Z job seekers ask people who work at companies they want to work at for job search advice. This generation has a bias toward action, taking advice from those they perceive as influencers to heart, thereby placing immense value on producing candid, talk show-style conversations with corporate giants.


Career Talks launched two successful seasons and over the course of three (3) months, received a total of 104 subscribers. The videos garnered a total of 574.8 hours of watch time and 20,509 total views. The average clickthrough rate rested at 13.2% and the overall engagement rate reached a high of 4.7%. With a total of 489 engagements including 430 likes, 8 dislikes and 51 comments, Career Talks was able to gauge overall audience sentiment to make the necessary adjustments in the following season.With a total of 221 engagements, the top performing episodes were :

  1. Top Leadership Skills Explained by Tomás Maldonado of the NFL | Career Talks by Indeed
  2. Can You Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work? Ft. Oris Stuart of the NBA | Career Talks by Indeed
  3. Making Work-Life Balance Work for You with Christina Stejskal of Fender | Career Talks by Indeed

Following season one, Career Talks had a total of 75 subscribers and saw 38.6 percentage increase towards the end of season 2. In the second season, Indeed signed on new guest speakers including Chief Information Security Officer at the NFL, Tomás Maldonado, Chief People and Inclusion Officer for the NBA, Oris Stuart and Vice President of Global Communications at Fender, Christina Stejskal. Due to this success, Indeed is working on launching the third season of Career Talks with a goal of increasing subscribers, increasing views and increasing engagement.


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