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FHI 360 #FPForward Campaign

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Everyone has the right to equal access to family planning care that meets their changing needs and desires throughout their lives. 

During the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), FHI 360 ran the #FPForward social media campaign to showcase how we are moving family planning forward — #FPForward — and working to ensure everyone can make decisions about their own sexual and reproductive health and have access to the services they want and need.

Moreover, we know that when women can choose when and if to have children, they can maintain their health, provide for their families and build strong futures.

Strategy and Execution

The #FPForward campaign was a “team lift”. The FHI 360 Communications Team partnered with researchers from our Family Planning Team to identify the key takeaways we wanted conveyed to our social media audience.

Our Family Planning Team presented us with technical content to highlight during the conference. The biggest challenge was simplifying the highly technical and jargon-heavy materials into creative content for social media that conveyed our expertise while making the information accessible to diverse audiences.

The Communications Team used GIFS, graphics, videos and storytelling to showcase our cutting-edge leadership in programs, scientific research and advocacy in family planning.

FHI 360 supports family planning programs all over the world and we wanted #FPForward to reflect our reach. The campaign includes content about our work, from Nepal to Côte d'Ivoire. We interviewed experts on FHI 360’s global team for short videos, mostly in English and one in French and amplified our key messages about the importance of family planning care to advance social and economic equity.



Over 1.2 Million Impressions  

Nearly 200,000 Reached 

Over 30,000 Video Views   

Nearly 16,000 Engagements   

Over 10,000 Post Link Clicks   

#FPForward's objective was to create engaging social media content that highlighted how FHI 360 is paving the way for a more equitable future for all people seeking family planning care. We consider #FPForward to be a success. Our posts reached nearly 200,000 individuals from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The #FPForward content was also engaging. The posts had nearly 16,000 engagements (likes, comments, reshares and clicks) and over 10,000 post link clicks. The campaign featured a total of six videos, which were viewed over 30,000 times.


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FHI 360


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