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Facebook x The Fit Out Campaign

Entered in LGBTQ Community Engagement


When the biggest social network asks you to create their social content, it’s a compliment. When the opportunity is to shine a light on the platform’s LGBTQIA+ communities, it’s an honor. And when our job is to communicate the many different stories of people in the community, it’s a challenge.

Our goal was to create a social campaign showcasing how the too often marginalized LGBTQIA+ community discovers not only new friends, but new family in Facebook Groups. A place where they feel comfortable expressing their many different—and unique layers.

To do so, we created the “Fit Out” campaign which features a docu-style content series that speaks to the limitless multi-dimensionality of non-binary folx and the Facebook Groups they’re able to express themselves in.

The campaign also featured heartfelt stories paired with expressive GIFs depicting how members of the community found their chosen family on Facebook Groups in a way they could’ve never done IRL.


Facebook's mission for this campaign was to highlight its unique ability to bring marginalized young people together. We strived to show that Facebook Groups is the one space on the internet empowering the marginalized to become UNmarginalized. The space where one can find others like themselves when it’s a challenge to do so in real life. Our audience: young people with characteristics typical of any young person but possessing other characteristics that place them as a minority within a minority. We showcased LGBTQIA+ individuals who also shoot arrows; who also drive Ubers; who as transmen train to bodybuild; who dance while crowdfunding for top surgery. All of this is reflected in our name for this series within the campaign: Me and Also Me.


Facebook is a space where LGBTQIA+ young adults can find acceptance, belonging and inspiration no matter where they are on their identity journey. To show it, we casted real people directly from Facebook Groups. And to keep the homemade look of social content, we created this docu-series by interviewing each Facebook Group member to tell us their story, then we scripted out their real story and storyboarded the scenes so they could follow it as we directed them. We sent out an equipment kit to help them capture the scenes.

There were a lot of risks and challenges in remotely directing real people to capture themselves in a way that could build out full, meaningful stories but together we successfully achieved it.

For our Chosen Family part of the campaign, we interviewed the groups on-site to be able to put together their true stories that pushed past normal limits and expected stories into new worlds. The images were created with a professional photographer.


The “Fit Out” campaign result in over 10K likes and over 100K views. These meaningful stories broke the mold of what’s usually shared in social with radical authenticity and a ton of heart.


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Laundry Service, Meta (Facebook)


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