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Envoy’s FLYDay Campaign Inspires JobSeekers

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The COVID-19 pandemic hit the aviation industry hard. For more than two years, Envoy Air has been navigating business in a constant state of change as airlines have been particularly impacted by pandemic-era regulations, workforce volatility, and unpredictable consumer demand.

As we work towards recovery, we find ourselves hiring employees at a greater rate to support the breadth of our operations. Our hiring goals go beyond replacing the staffing levels that dipped during the pandemic. We’re also building a more sustainable workforce, equipped to provide the support we need today with the scalability to adapt for tomorrow.

In the short term, we are working to increase applications across work groups so that we can source quality candidates that are well-matched for long-term success at Envoy Air. We’re also working to alleviate some of the mystery around our application and training processes to create a smooth recruiting and onboarding transition that sets candidates up for success.

Ultimately, Envoy Air is redesigning our hiring program to add accessibility, inclusivity, and opportunity by creating a talent pipeline that makes aviation careers attainable. To understand the needs of our workforce and how our hiring processes could help them achieve success, we followed groups of new hires from varying backgrounds as they began their careers at Envoy Air. During this time, we documented their paths from start to finish to identify hidden opportunities and unexpected challenges along the way.


In 2022, we conceptualized a video campaign series aimed at highlighting the diverse career opportunities at Envoy. As the project came to life, we created the FLYday video series campaign featuring a series of short videos that capture key moments in the journey of new hires across different work groups in the organization. 

Each video focuses on a different aspect of becoming an employee at Envoy Air. We captured the application process, interviews, training programs, and much more to provide a complete view of the overall experience with the goal of demonstrating accessible opportunity.

The FLYday video campaign series was featured on Envoy’s social channels with the primary goal of driving more applications to support our growing hiring needs. The campaign was successful, even as the global workforce continued to struggle with labor shortages, because it was unique, authentic, and engaging. 

We used real moments and genuine reactions captured on camera in place of scripted content so that we could capture something that our audience of job seekers could relate to. We understood from the onset of the project that our biggest goal was to find a way to make the aviation industry feel like a comfortable, familiar choice for apprehensive job seekers looking for stability and growth. Ultimately, our team found inspiration in the ordinary and turned an everyday process into high-performing content.


The campaign achieved great success, promoting an increase in applications across the board to meet our primary goal. As a result, our recruiting teams hired more than 12,000 employees. In 2022, Envoy Air grew its global workforce to more than 18,400 employees located across 114 locations. A successful media campaign reached job seekers in North America, Bahamas, and the Caribbean to deliver one message: the aviation industry is building a sustainable future, offering diverse career opportunities that are within reach.


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