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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Entrelazados Localized Title Treatments

Entered in Globalization


THE GOAL: Artwork is made Global by having the same creative intent, vision and impact as the original.  

Streaming platforms have made obsolete the idea of “foreign” films and television shows and, with everyone’s hat in the ring, it has become incumbent for localized products to no longer just appeal to one locale, but to many. Our creative team ensures that it is nearly impossible to tell which asset is the original version and which is the localized version – every viewer in every corner of the world can share the full depth and breadth of the original creative content. 

Strategy and Execution

With the studio client’s mandate to do whatever it would take to ensure the magical intent of the original title treatment would be unmistakably present in every localized versions, our team went to work.  Provided with minimal source files we took a deep dive into every language version to reimagine and to create anew the completely original shapes, shadows, bevels, lighting, etc. of every letter in every title. We had numerous consultations and sessions with the clients to ensure we were maintaining the original integrity of the design - despite the vast differences in translations, fonts, sizes, line breaks, jewel placement, etc. – and we sculped and formed each localized title to fit beautifully into the original artwork.  We broke the title treatment and artwork approval process into steps, ensuring maximum efficiency and we completed every order ahead of schedule - our clients were amazed and delighted at the results and by the speed.



Delivering beautiful bespoke creative ahead of schedule is always the objective, however once we rendered the final results and the clients fawned – it was satisfying to say the least. Each localized key art was eye-catching and visually stunning. If you look at all of the title treatments side by side, you can’t tell which one is the original, and which was translated – the true goal of Globalization – ensuring the stunning magic of the original design is faithfully re-imagined to reach and entrance viewers around the work. 


Video for Entrelazados Localized Title Treatments

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Pixelogic, The Walt Disney Studios