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Electrolux Sustainability Squad

Audience Honor in Regional Campaign


Electrolux has always promoted Sustainability, committing to green initiatives and environmental goals. Through providing innovative home solutions, Electrolux’s end goal is to make sustainability every household’s first choice. 

In a bid to reach more Conscious Explorers, Electrolux tapped into their fastest-growing market in the Asia-Pacific and launched the Sustainability Squad - marking the brand’s first attempt at a wide-scale campaign.

As Electrolux’s digital marketing partner, Hashtag Interactive’s responsibility was to make sure that the campaign encouraged audiences in the Asia-Pacific towards more sustainable habits, while also strengthening Electrolux’s brand messaging. 

It was clear that we needed to inspire communities towards collective action while championing Electrolux’s brand purpose. However, a  movement can only be impactful when people truly believe in it.

With that, the Hashtag Interactive team formed a strategy of working with key influencers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) for 9 months, tapping into people’s innate drive to make a difference. Hence, the #ElectroluxSustainabilitySquad movement was born.

Strategy and Execution

The Electrolux Sustainability Squad was conceptualised to encourage sustainable habits in our audiences, while simultaneously positioning Electrolux as every home’s partner in sustainability. We kickstarted the campaign by choosing key individuals from 11 countries and enlisting them to share personal sustainability content anchored on Electrolux’s brand messaging and principles on their social media accounts. 

As the lead agency for this initiative, we were involved in every step of the Sustainability Squad’s journey — from campaign ideation, project management, assets development, campaign microsite UI/UX execution, and social media management. 

To champion these everyday advocates whose stories inspired others to join the movement, our team used multiple digital strategies to boost our reach cost-effectively.

Popular influencers and key opinion leaders like Kira Simpson (Australia), Paul Foster (Singapore), Andi Manzano (Philippines), Sophie Navita (Indonesia), Hanamori (Japan), Diana Danielle (Malaysia), Hyejoon Michelle Kim (South Korea), Goldfish brain (Taiwan), Bam Pitipat (Thailand), Ha Linh Nguyen (Vietnam), and Haifa Beseisso (UAE) were more than happy to join the movement and help us inspire a wave of good across the region. 

In order to speak to a wider audience, we had to represent people in different stages of their sustainability journey - which also reflected in our final Sustainability Squad roster: While most of the Squad were already committed to a green lifestyle, we also had first-timers who were in their early stages of practising sustainable living. 

To make sustainability an engaging topic, we incorporated key concepts into sustainability challenges for the Squad and their audiences to participate in. This had the multiple purpose of: 

1. Showing the Squad’s followers that they can contribute to climate action in small ways.

2. Allowing the influencers to double down on their own sustainability messaging.

3. Inspiring even more people to rethink their routines, encouraging an “everyday activism” mindset rooted in sustainable living. 

We worked closely with the influencers and their teams, but also with local brand counterparts, understanding their own goals, seamlessly fitting our aims into their overall plan. We made sure everyone was in the loop through constant communication via email, WhatsApp, LINE, even internal sustainability events and workshops that not only allowed us an overview of Electrolux’s marketing plan on sustainability, but also gave us the opportunity to get to know the people behind the brand. This made for a more cohesive working relationship that also allowed them to see us not as an outsider but as a partner committed to realising their brand goals. 

The Sustainability Squad initiative was a meeting of minds, a partnership with a purpose. Through this, we were able to collect hundreds of stories that will live beyond the campaign.


The #ElectroluxSustainabilitySquad campaign reached 20,148,065 people on social media within 9 months, helping to highlight Elecrtrolux’s brand purpose more prominently in the region. 

More importantly, however,  the campaign was a success because it pushed the conversation about sustainability to the forefront for many households, instilling the awareness that our everyday actions have consequences for the environment. Because the choices we make at home create an impact on the one we all share: our planet. 


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