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Domino Masters: 3D Motion Graphics

Entered in Animation


In order to introduce a social media audience to FOX’s first season of Domino Masters, we were determined to have a social campaign that visually included the art of a domino effect. We did this through recreating the complex physics of toppling dominoes in the 3D software Cinema 4D.

Strategy and Execution

We started by researching some of the mechanisms used by pros. To create real life domino runs, we created CG models of the basic domino shape along with interactive items like ramps, tunnels, catapults, and swinging hammers. We crafted intricate, seamlessly looping Rube Goldberg-style rigid body physics simulations of toppling dominos as a framing device for countdown shareables. We integrated our celebrity judges into domino simulations by projection mapping judge photography onto the virtual dominos, revealing their identities as the dominos fell into place. And we did a deep dive into the theories behind complex domino reactions with reactive lighting, which would light up our CG dominos as they impacted each other.


Through our creative, we were able to provide awareness of the new show on FOX and engage users with the captivating motion graphics to produce unique pieces that best represent the shows greatest challenges.


Video for Domino Masters: 3D Motion Graphics

Entrant Company / Organization Name

FOX Entertainment