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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Dollface - Season 2 Social Campaign

Finalist in Television


After three years and one global pandemic of being off screens, Dollface season 2 faced the challenge of returning to Hulu's lineup and recapturing the interest of past fans, while inviting new ones in.

Also, while the cast of the show is filled with stars, they had all aged out of the chaotic twenty-something storylines and into a more mature narrative of finding your friends, soul mate, and purpose as you navigate the adulthood that seems to be unoficially singified by turning 30.

It was our mission to elevate our social content to align with the character's developing arcs of being more centered, confident and future-focused, while still bringing out the relatable comedy and celebration of friendships that had built a cult following around the first season.

Strategy and Execution

Our mission was to make Season 2 bigger and better than the first, so we hit the ground running with a robust social strategy that detailed initial EPK concepts, creative scripting and development, and a plethora of share-worthy posts in a stylish three-stage rollout.

Like most best friends, our fans were long overdue for a catch-up with the girls, so in stage one we elevated the show’s online presence with a variety of chic and poppy assets that reignited the fanbase and reminded them of each character’s binge-worthy storyline. We built character AV pieces that spent the first half on where audiences last saw the girls in season one, and where their more grown up selves are headed in season two.

Harnessing the familiar tone of voice of Dollface felt like second-nature to our team of millennial women, and our authentic ties to the show’s content allowed us to successfully produce memorable materials from creators that shared the qualities as these charismatic characters. In our second phase, we created content around the launch of all episodes dropping that was relatable around topics like career moves and growing out of toxic friendships, but also bridged to the show's millennial touches. For example, we scripted an original capture for the talent on a binge kit of what fans would need to watch the show in a full weekend, as well as a Brady Bunch style video to showcase their interactions to one another going into the new season.

After we'd established that the tone of this season was more adult, we still wanted to have fun! We created social pieces that hit highlighted new side characters, played up some of the humorous clips and bits from the new season, and also celebrated the fun of watching a female-driven comedy. We created original cocktail recipes crafted after each of our characters, and created dynamic-type TikToks that hit on the type of stuff trending for millenial women, like when your vision board doesn't work.

Overall, we built a robust content rollout that led fans from catching up to binging the full season and series.


We measured success by how excited both the famous talent and excited fans were as our content went live.We created two pieces per talent for our famous stars Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song, Kat Dennings, and Esther Povitsky.

Each of them collaborated or directly posted to their social channels, which organically reached over a combined 42.8 million followers on Instagram. The “Now Streaming” Instagram collab with Kat Dennings alone generated over 25K likes and over the course of the campaign, we achieved a growth of 16.2K new Instagram followers.We also saw famous guest stars, like Luke Cook, share or interact with content on their channels like TikTok, which reached an additional 1.5M organic followers. His genuine excitement was contagious and led to the video being amplified across platforms by fans and casual viewers alike.

We successfully elevated the look and feel of the show’s online presence and established a more grown up vibe around the content that reflected the character's storylines. We celebrated female friendships, bonded over lighthearted relatable moments, and honored the original humor of the show while drawing in audiences that are navigating the same milestones in their own journeys through adulthood. In doing so, we reached thousands of fans and reflected the goals of the gals in Season 2: to grow up without growing apart. Additionally, we garnered over 428K organic engagements on Instagram, as well an increase in conversation volume to 19.1K on Twitter.


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