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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Disney+ 'Escape' to Emotions

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Before the launch, Disney+ had only 5% awareness in the Turkish digital content platform market. Disney+ was aiming for a strong and well-known start in the target audience for its Turkey launch series and its first local content, Escape. For this reason, the media strategy we will create for 'Escape' was supposed to feed the awareness level target we wanted to achieve with the launch. We defined our target audience based on GWI 2020-21 data. Our main target audience was 8.5 million people, who loved Drama and Action genre and had subscriptions to streaming platforms. 57% of the target audience was male and age 25-44.

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We agreed to go beyond targeting demographics, interests, location, and find something more effective. The output of Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, “Considering emotions, the most effective trigger of human behavior, brings 23% higher success to a campaign” led us to some questions.  How many different emotions does a series contain? Does everyone feel the same emotions when they watch it? Is it possible to target each emotion by creating different content? Was it possible to maximize reach by using each emotion in a long-running drama that contains many emotions?

With BlackC's Unruly technology, we've seen that targeting emotions are possible. First, we released a long trailer about 'Escape'. To understand what emotions the target audience felt in this trailer, we put the trailer into a 511-person EQ test and discovered its emotional effects. Audiences that took the test were modeled based on survey data, and groups were clustered around the genres of the 4 most prominent emotions. Sad – Tense – Moving and Sincere. Afterwards, special trailers dominated by 4 genres were produced. People clustering around genres create look-a-likes. For the trailers produced for each hero emotion, people related to these genres were targeted.


The campaign received a total of 1.5 million views. The trailer produced almost 50% more intense emotional impact than standard commercials in the Unruly EQ test. 4 different trailers on air reached the right audience with their dynamic creative optimization, 16% above the VCR Unruly Turkey average. The click-through rate of the videos was 75% above the Unruly market norm. While emotion targeting was realized for the first time in Turkey, this targeting was realized for the first time in the world with special contents prepared according to emotions.


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Publicis Groupe Turkey, Disney+

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