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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Dice - #LevelUpWithDice

Silver Honor in Micro-Influencer Strategy

Audience Honor in Micro-Influencer Strategy


Dice is the leading tech career marketplace serving both job seekers and hiring companies alike. As a brand, Dice was looking to be the premier professional home base for tech professionals; a place where all of tech comes to connect. Most importantly, they were looking to attract a historically difficult-to-reach audience of tech professionals with 0–3 years of experience; we call this audience “Go-Getters.” They have a growing set of skills, but not enough information and resources on how to build their careers.  

We created #LevelUpWithDice to find, foster and motivate the Go-Getters by partnering with Influencers whose careers emulated similar paths to what the newer tech professionals desire. 

Our objectives for this campaign were to:  

Strategy and Execution

We implemented an influencer-driven plan that focused on promoting Dice’s helpful and insightful resources. These like-minded creators are relatable with the Go-Getter technology professionals. 

We did a comprehensive deep dive into each Influencer’s profile and audience data to find the right talent for a partnership that included:  

Insights: The Go-Getters are looking for resources and career advice from people whose careers align with their interests. Working with talent who already have careers at tech hubs like Google and Microsoft would allow Dice to organically reach these new audiences and find a new community to build on.  

Strategy: We wanted to inspire and encourage new audiences that it was time to #LevelUpWithDice and find the resources and insights needed to elevate their careers today. So, we met them where the conversations around careers in Tech were already taking place organically, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Through our partnerships with Micro-Influencers, we filtered for those who were highly engaged with their audiences on these channels. We partnered with 14 Micro-Influencers to create meaningful and impactful dialog within their content that armed their audiences (primarily Go-Getters) with the knowledge and resources needed to Level Up within their respective tech industries. This included sharing personal stories about the salary journey, job growth and Dice reports that helped them understand where the industry was heading.  

We then amplified the information to invite new audiences to create a profile on Dice through the boosting of the Influencer content, driving more traffic and resource views.  


Through our Influencer campaign we delivered the following results: 


Anecdotally, we also significantly increased positive sentiment based on comments related to Influencer content including: 


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Davis Elen Advertising, Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. brand)


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