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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Entered in YouTube Presence


My mission as a content creator is to provide simplified, high-quality content that inspires, entertains, and uplifts my audience. I strive to make sure my content is both entertaining and thought-provoking, so that my audience can enjoy and learn from what I create. My goal is to become a reliable source of innovative ideas and to continuously help people discover a broader perspective on life. Many people now want to make content as well and still till this day I made it this far by just using an iPhone.

I also want to use this platform to help my fans express themselves and create something meaningful for them. My goal is to empower my viewers with the tools to think for themselves, to give them the confidence to explore new ideas and to just overall be more fulfilled in life. I hope that by making videos that motivate or even put a smile on their face that they will bring that positivity in their life.

I take pride in the fact that I have created a platform that my audience can trust, contributed in the community and all laugh together. 

Strategy and Execution

My plan of action when I began creating content was to use the technology available to me which, at that time, was my iPhone 4. I started with Vine and quickly developed a small but dedicated audience. I carefully planned each Vine, making sure that the concept was efficient, conceptual, and creative. I was able to create the videos quickly, and rather than wasting time with superfluous effects or intros, I kept them short, efficient, and easily digestible for my audience.

When Vine was shut down, I stepped up my game and moved to YouTube, where I could make longer and higher quality videos. YouTube was a big learning curve for me, as there were a lot of features I had to learn in order to create successful videos. I chose to focus on skits because they were the type of content I enjoyed making the most. I spent a lot of time carefully planning each video, considering the concept, story and props. All that helped shaped the creator I am today.


I am proud to say my efforts to create content have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Through my hard work and dedication, I have achieved impressive results that I could have only dreamt of when I started out.

To begin with, I have achieved a Normas around reach and engagement. My audience size has grown exponentially, reaching 4 million YouTube followers and 7 million TikTok followers. In addition, I am consistently generating millions of views and likes on my content. This reflects the high-quality, engaging content that's being produce and continually strive to improve.

Moreover, since I started out, my content has been able to inform, connect and engage with viewers across the globe a testament to the success of social media. This has enabled me to build a sense of community with my audience and bring people together through meaningful dialogue.


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