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Catching a Killer: Legendary Mindhunter on Idaho Student Murders

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Surviving The Survivor has re-defined the wildly popular true crime genre by bringing together the best guests in the field each day to cover the most talked about cases in America.

The show is a unique disruptor.

It's hosted by Emmy award-winning former network news correspondent Joel Waldman and his 83-year old Holocaust survivor mother, Karmela. They bring unparalleled perspective.

Joel's mother, also a licensed therapist, offers her psychological take on cases heard nowhere else. She is no stranger to loss and tragedy. But, somehow, she and Joel manage to add levity and humor to typically macabre subject matter. They have chemistry that is unmatched and can never be duplicated. 

#BestGuests include FBI profilers, legendary detectives, famed criminal defense attorneys, notable prosecutors, tough Navy SEALs, seasoned U.S. Marshals, and you - the smartest audience in true crime - #STSNation

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy is simple. We bring #STSNation the #BestGuests in #TrueCrime every. single. day. 

We've teamed with legendary NYC network booking producer, Steve Cohen, who helps us consistently out-match the competition. 

Among our most notable guests: Nancy Grace, Court TV's Vinnie Politan, Dr. Ann Burgess (who is the inspiration behind Netflix's uber popular show Mindhunter), Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Kerri Rawson (infamous serial killer BTK's daughter), Famed Defense Attorney Mark Geragos, LA-based profiler Dr. Kris Mohandie and former FBI agent Bobby Chacon. 

While covering both the Moscow, Idaho college murders and the Alex Murdaugh trial we had to adapt quickly and find the best guests relative to each of those individual cases. 

We found the major players in both Idaho and South Carolina and invited them as guests on STS which helped significantly increase our already loyal following. 


Surviving the Survivor was launched during the pandemic as a labor of love. 

It gave former network news journalist Joel Waldman the unique chance to team up with 83 year-old Holocaust survivor mother, who also happens to be a licensed therapist. Joel knew she would draw attention both because of her advanced age and unparalleled life experience. 

In a very short amount of time, STS gained a cult-like following with people hashtagging #Karm on social media. Once, the duo pivoted full-time to true crime during the Idaho murders, their fan base exploded. 

In January, on YouTube alone, Surviving The Survivor had 2+ million unique views with 230.4K watch hours. According to Blubrry, 71% of our shows are “impactful plays”, meaning the audience listened to at least 75% of the 90-minute show. 

We've leveraged our background in broadcast media to achieve optimal results. But our results aren't only based on statistics. We have also had an outpouring of emails, messages and comments from our audience who consistently say they are now turning to Surviving The Survivor to learn, to get the facts and to make sense of some of the most senseless acts. That, for us, is the biggest achievement. 

And, we have only just begun. 


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