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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Blue’s Clues & You! Channel

Bronze Honor in YouTube Presence


The Blue’s Clues & You! YouTube Channel plays at the intersection of the linear series’ distinct edutainment philosophies, the characters and music our audience loves, and a fast-paced, handcrafted aesthetic that’s distinctly native to the YouTube platform. It also expands upon the world of the linear series and invites real kids and original characters to come play with Blue, resulting in opportunities to better reflect our diverse audience and celebrate the experiences of our entire viewership - including kids of color, kids in LGBTQIA+ families, and kids with disabilities. At the core of everything on the BC&Y channel is an emphasis on empowering our audience by inviting them to directly participate; they sing along, dance along, play along, laugh along, and learn along with Josh, Blue, and all of their friends! We’re preparing our audience for preschool and kindergarten, and we invite them to use their minds and take things a step at a time with engaging edutainment series like the Letter Songs and Guess The Missing Colors. Additionally, we’re helping kids develop social-emotional skills like active listening and empathy with series like Feelings with The Felt Friends and Storytime. We’re also expanding our audience’s worldview by highlighting cultural experiences and perspectives with which they may be unfamiliar.

Strategy and Execution

BC&Y is a global channel with new videos published every day. We aim to build the heartshare for a new generation of BC&Y fans through custom animated digital originals and clips and compilations from the show. Additionally, we give our audience more of the characters they love and know like Blue and Josh, while building fandoms for other characters like Lola, Magenta, and Mailbox. Our channel is all about accessibility and creating a home for BC&Y that is open 24/7 for all of our fans around the globe. We lean heavily into YouTube best practices and follow trends obsessively, from science content for preschoolers to interactive games. We align with YouTube Kids Moments and Takeovers throughout the year to ensure our content is being placed front and center in the kids app. Diversity, representation, and inclusion plays a big role in our strategy as we think about programming on a regular basis. We’re constantly analyzing, optimizing, and shifting the strategy as needed to ensure we’re paying attention to an evolving algorithm while creating the kind of content our audience wants to see. 


Since launching in mid-March 2020, the BC&Y channel has garnered over 1.3 billion views, over 7.4 billion minutes of watch time, and over 1.3M subscribers. The BC&Y channel regularly has some of the highest organic watch time numbers throughout the Nickelodeon portfolio, with the average WT30 reaching around 1.3 million minutes. 


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Nick Jr.

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