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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Art & Technology Season 5

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Hyundai Motor’s have always been strong supporters of the Arts globally with a commitment to fostering innovative thinking and technology. Technology is everywhere—in our pockets, in garages, and in homes. Yet, most of us don't know how it is changing the way we experience and interact with each other. Art can serve as a powerful way to explore these themes.

ART + TECHNOLOGY aims to reach art lovers and generalists alike to explore and demystify the creative and technological world.  

Since 2018, Bloomberg Media Studios has produced ART+TECHNOLOGY, a yearly flagship series that fuses Hyundai – a company at the forefront of innovative technology – with the cutting edge of contemporary art. The seasons runs across the Bloomberg digital ecosystem, as well as YouTube and Instagram. 

In the latest season, Season 5: Emerging Dialogues, we meet a diverse lineup of artists, technologists and futurists to discuss the ideas that will redefine our world. Could art demystify climate change? Could AI be more creative than we are? What does utopia look like in the digital world, and what will we add to our carts in the year 2070? These are just some of the questions we ask in ART+TECHNOLOGY: Season 5. Our thematic approach probes the past and present, and helps us envision not only what the future holds, but how art can help us get there.

Strategy and Execution

The aim for ART + TECHNOLOGY Season 5 was to continue to make the latest art trends accessible and relevant to Bloomberg’s global audience and beyond as well as maintain Hyundai's standing as a proud supporter of the Arts.   

Making art relatable can often be seen as a challenge, but by exploring emerging technology and art with a view to the future, as we did in this season, the audience were able to get a unique insight into where the world’s leading creative minds think technology, like web3, is heading for artistic endeavors, as well as society at large.

From biohacking to alternative digital worlds, each episode of ART + TECHNOLOGY delves into a unique (but often little-known) trend, and explores the role of art as a solution to urgent global challenges like climate change and overpopulation. 

From Rome to Pittsburgh, our featured artists, designers and inventors are based in every corner of the globe. To bring them together, we had to be one step ahead. Life-sized screens brought our host Gemma Cairney up close and personal with her guests, enabling the candid, imaginative conversations that ART + TECHNOLOGY is known for. The logistical challenge faced to ensure our physical studio became a smooth exchange for virtual/remote voices and ideas was immense, yet solvable through tight pre production planning and rehearsal time with the artists as well as the tech team on site.


A previous brand study for ART + TECHNOLOGY found that 83% of respondents agreed that Hyundai is genuine in its efforts to support the art community. 85% also agreed the content provided new perspectives to how Art and Technology can work together.

During the middle of Season 5, ART + TECHNOLOGY was reporting a +53% increase in average YouTube view durations compared to the previous season. Hyundai also become a top CTR performer within the Bloomberg ecosystem suggesting that ART + TECHNOLOGY is continuing to grow well into its fifth season; finding new audiences to share the best in cutting edge technological and artists achievements.


Video for Art & Technology Season 5

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Bloomberg Media, Hyundai Motor Company


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