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Special Project

Special Project
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Asian Beauty Essentials skincare brand’s Spanish YouTube channel: Finally bringing the best of Asian

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Since its founding back in 2020, Asian Beauty Essentials has been bringing the sacred skincare secrets of Taiwanese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean beauty to the western world. In our successful e-commerce store, we have over 500 skincare and cosmetic products that address the main skin concerns. However, we soon discovered two important voids in the skincare world: 

  1. Though skincare is a trendy topic right now, only 28% of people (mostly women) know how to actually take care of their skin. 

  2. When it comes to the Spanish-speaking community in the U.S., there are not many brands creating content for them. 

That’s why, as a brand, we know that beauty is not skinwalk in the park, so we want to detangle it and make the information accessible to everyone in the Spanish-speaking community. That’s why we’ve created the ABE Spanish Youtube, a channel where we share expert tips, routines, and curiosities. 

Our objectives for this project are:  

Strategy and Execution

To bring the Spanish project to life, we first ask ourselves the next questions

After researching, we realized there was a void because there were many people in the U.S. using keywords in Spanish to research skincare as cosmetics, but there was no one answering their questions. That’s what inspired us to start our Spanish channel. 


This happened back in July 2022 and, from that moment on, we started planning a comprehensive strategy to launch our channel by September 2022: 

Finally, the magic happens and the video is uploaded! We uploaded our first video back on September 23rd, 2022. 

One of the major challenges we faced during our phase of execution was creating workflow where everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Since it was a new process for us, organizing and setting up everyone for success was difficult, especially when there were many people involved. Nonetheless, over time we were able to create a flow that everyone felt comfortable with and we started spending less time trying to figure out what to do and more time making the project grow. 

On the other hand, another challenge we’ve faced is bringing down all the beauty myths and misinformation that’s out there on YouTube. When it comes to beauty, misinformation can actually affect people by making them make terrible mistakes that can end up damaging their skin. From using raw lemon on the face to applying baking soda to pimples, there are many videos that can confuse people. That’s why we focus on being truthful to our audience and explaining clearly to them the do’s and don’ts of beauty

Overall, we use our channel to simplify the overly-complicated beauty world. In this sense, we view our brand as people’s skincare besties that are there not to judge or lie, but to give them what they need in an engaging way!


More than just selling Asian beauty products, in Asian Beauty Essentials our goal is to educate our community so they can make an informed decision about their skin and how to treat it. This goal is what drives us every day and inspires us to keep creating content. 

After 4 months of proactively working on the ABE Spanish project, we’ve seen results that we never imagined having. 

Today, our most watched video has 1,000 views which is impressive not only because it’s hard to get that result without paid ads, but also because it features a man in the video which finally overthrows the idea that skincare is only for women. 

Though right now we’re not the leaders of the beauty world on YouTube, seeing those numbers makes us feel proud and even more inspired to keep going. 

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