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“100 Years of Radio in Brazil - A Series with the Radio Record Collection”

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In 2022, we developed the 13-episode podcast/videocasts series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of radio in Brazil. The pioneering mass medium had its first broadcast in the country on September 7, 1922.

To highlight the importance of this date, Record TV’s Vice President created the series “100 Anos de Rádio no Brasil” (“100 Years of Radio in Brazil”), inviting outstanding radio actors in the fields of Music, TV, and Sports to tell their stories and memories about it.

Each episode has a particular narrative. The episodes are all filled with audio from the collection of Radio Record - a radio station from Group Record that played a prominent role in the national scenario. The series involved dozens of professionals and revealed accounts and tales about the radio shows, the people who helped build and consolidate radio as a medium and their outstanding achievements, the behind-the-scenes stories, and memorable moments throughout this 100-year history.

This series of podcasts/videocasts is an invitation to an incredible journey through never-heard-before content, full of emotion and special moments that honor the radio. Indeed, this medium remains vital and relevant for Brazilians and all over the world. 

Strategy and Execution

The radio is one of the world’s main mass media vehicles, and our goal and challenge in this project were to tell - using a time-travel storytelling style - the main facts in the last 100 years of radio history in Brazil. It was a fulfilling task but also a great responsibility since there were numerous events, and we had to select only the main ones. The plan of action was to listen to the Radio Record collection - all in magnetic tapes - and produce 13 scripts with 13 different themes to compose this history.

The episodes were hosted by Record TV professionals who started their careers on the radio, radio broadcasters, journalists, and special guests who have been part of this history. We used the Record TV infrastructure to record the episodes and the Radio Record collection to compose them. One notable feature of the series is the recording in 4K and Full HD captured in iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode.

As an additional challenge, we had to adjust to the hectic schedule with the premiere and distribution plan to launch in the week of the 100th anniversary, on September 7, 2022. On September 6, we released three episodes. The others were released weekly every Monday until the end of December. They were distributed to all digital multiplataform, like Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Alexa etc. and our own plataform, website and PlayPlus. Podcasts have been captured in audio and video, and the full videocast version can be found only on our OTT PlayPlus platform. All the full audios are on all digital platforms, and yielded a documentary for PlayPlus. 

EP 1 - History of Radio in Brazil and Radio Record
Host: Celso Freitas
Guests: Reinaldo Gottino, Eleandro Passaia, Camila Busnello

EP 2 - Live Archive - A Gil Gomes Special

Host: Celso Freitas
Guests: Percival de Souza, Renato Lombardi

EP 3 - Tributes – Elis Regina and Raul Seixas
Host: Cesar Filho
Guest: Joao Marcelo Boscoli, Vivi Seixas

EP 4- Great Sports Announcers of Radio Record
Host: Celso Freitas
Guests: Reinaldo Gottino, Oswaldo Maciel, Andre Avelar

EP 5 - Gossip and Personalities
Host: Cesar Filho
Guests: Fabiola Reipert, Keila Jimenez, Nelson Rubens

EP 6 - FIFA World Cups of 1982 and 1986

Host: Celso Freitas
Guests: Andre Avelar, Mylena Ceribelli

EP 7 - Pioneering in Concerts and Music Genders
Host: Celso Freitas
Guests: Gilliard, Celso Zucatelli

EP 8  - Radio Record Hosts
Host: Cesar Filho
Guests:  Geraldo Luís, Eleandro Passaia, Humberto Ascencio

EP 9 - Main Trophies of Sao Paulo’s Football Teams
Host: Cesar Filho
Guests: Andre Avelar, Roberto Thome

EP 10 - Great Names: From Radio to Television
Host: Cesar Filho
Guests: Roberto Cabrini, Camila Busnello

EP 11 - Podcringe – How Was Radio in the Past
Host: Cesar Filho
Guests: Michael Keller, Rap 77, Sergio Cursino

EP 12 –  The Golden Age of Radio Record
Host: Celso Freitas
Guest: Paulito Machado de Carvalho Neto

EP 13 - Icons from the Past
Host: Celso Freitas
Guest: Herodoto Barbeiro


The work was thought and carried out with great passion by people who admire radio as a medium. Seeing hosts and guests thrilled with this travel to the past with the memories of the radio is very satisfying. It was a series of commemorative podcasts and videocasts where we praised the radio. Without radio, there would be no songs, TV, soap operas, and podcasts. The project gained great and very positive coverage in the Brazilian press. Shorts - media coverage





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Record TV


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