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Hello… YOU

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Joe and Love may have tried to convince the techies and bloggers of Madre Linda that they were just your normal, suburban family, but we came to Season 3 with too much history to believe that everything was… fine. 

From the YOU handles, we’re always on team Quinn-Goldberg, but at the end of the day, we’re alert and ready for their inevitable return to mayhem and murders. Our informed third-party perspective gives us the ability to root for their so-called happy ending, while never missing the opportunity to shake our heads when they hiccup (and not the cute baby Henry kind) along the way. While pining over Penn Badgley and Joe’s sultry V.O. is hard to resist, we’re there to remind our fans that friends don’t let friends thirst after serial killers.

Our relationship with our followers plays as the old friend who’s known the couple in every chapter of life, and loves that status as BFF. We know their history and pasts, and we love watching as each mess unfolds , so we can dissect every inch of it with fans.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

As we embarked on Season 3’s campaign, we wanted to drive home to Madre Linda some staple characteristics to anchor YOU’s voice: camp, self-awareness, “The Neighborhood Watch,” and obsession. We wanted to uphold a campy and over-the-top feeling, using the leverage that gives us to have fun with some of YOU’s darker themes. However, we only were able to play with such intense material by maintaining a level of self-awareness. It’s our job to ensure that no matter how hot Penn Badgley may be, we need to make sure YOU fans don’t thirst over the very dangerous Joe Goldberg. That being said, no amount of self-awareness can keep us from being who we are at our core: *obsessed* YOU fans. We are right there with the fans, fueling their reactions and feeding them content we know they’ll love, because we also love it. We are the front row seat to the chaos, the “Neighborhood Watch,” if you will. We can bring the juiciness from YOU to the fans with that keen eye and attention to detail that keeps our fans coming back for more.


The proof is in the people: our fans love the YOU Handles. They’ve called our account “iconic,” our activations “masterpieces,” begged to be our besties, and with the amount of raises they’ve said we deserve, it’s almost unreal that we’re not bringing in money that would even make the wealthy Quinn family envious. Our voice continues to bring in more and more fans to the YOUniverse, with our handles growing nearly 400K followers over the course of Season 3, for a total count of 1.9M followers across our handles. As well as earning headlines with our CM efforts all over from E! to MTV to Vulture to CNN. 


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Ralph Creative, Netflix


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