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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Together, We Can Help #StopSuicide

Finalist in Non-Profit


Many have experienced fear, anxiety, and uncertainty due to the pandemic, leading people to become increasingly comfortable talking about their mental health. But, the topic of suicide is still scary for many people. 


Research shows us that by learning about what leads someone to suicide, the ways we can help prevent it, and about available resources, we can empower communities to address this leading cause of death and together, we can help stop suicide.


Inspired by this mission, we embarked on a months-long journey to share information, start conversations, and provide education around the topic of suicide prevention.


At the heart of this effort, AFSP hosted our World Suicide Prevention Day Live: an all-day Facebook Live event on September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day.


The event not only brought together communities and perspectives from around the world at one place and one time, but it also raised a significant amount of money for our organization, which goes toward further research, advocacy efforts, education and loss support programs, and more. We far surpassed our goal of securing 10 panelists for three hours on Facebook live and featured over 30 panelists with diverse backgrounds across research, entertainment, advocacy and more, during an eight hour livestream. This allowed us to diversify the topic area and reach people at different times of day, making the event more inclusive in both ability to tune in and breadth of perspective shared.

Strategy and Execution

The campaign was brought to life over the course of nearly three months across a vast ecosystem of channels, with creative assets and messages tailored to each platform and audience.


Bringing community together to create opportunities for connectedness, storytelling and deeper conversations about mental health was at the heart of our strategy, and we needed to do so in a way that respected comfort levels surrounding distancing through engagement opportunities that have both physical and digital experiences available for everyone.


Awareness began in early August, building momentum for our hero campaign event: World Suicide Prevention Day Live.


Conversation then continued throughout the fall and was reignited during partner events and through influencer engagement.


In addition to our social activations, AFSP:


Partnered with entertainment organization Audacy to raise over $800,000 for AFSP. On October 23, 2021, entertainment organization Audacy hosted their annual We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl with performers including Coldplay, Doja Cat, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, Shawn Mendes, The Kid Laroi, and Saweetie, with all proceeds going towards our organization. AFSP made a splash at the event with in-show announcements and campaign creative as well as an interactive on-site activation that encouraged attendees to share messages of hope.


We were able to successfully engage individuals, communities, organizations, and media with a global reach to raise awareness for suicide prevention and broaden the conversation around mental health.


The Facebook Live event was a huge success, ultimately raising $37,795 for AFSP – surpassing our goal of $30,000 – via email and our social media. 


We reached 245,260 people – surpassing our goal by 150%. Stemming from the event, we also garnered:


Additionally, sponsored and earned influencer partnerships helped amplify conversation across social media to new audiences and communities. 


Throughout September and on World Suicide Prevention Day, media, celebrities, and other organizations helped amplify our message. Pearl Jam, VH1, CVS Health, Katie Couric Media, Crisis Text Line, TODAY, BET, Men’s Health and many others shared our message and our World Suicide Prevention Day Live event to their owned channels.


Over the entirety of the two-month campaign, between AFSP and our partners, we garnered: 


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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


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