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The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future.

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Turntide is a company that’s bridging the divide between building a robust economy and saving our planet by reinventing the motor. Turntide came to Freethink to build awareness around how their smart motor and the software that controls it, can power our sustainable future. 

A standard motor uses electricity to spin a rotor, but approximately half of the electrical energy is lost in the process. So, Turntide turned to software to make their motors more efficient. The smart motor’s software allows it to allocate electrical current more precisely. 

The problem is, the health of the economy and the health of our planet have historically been framed in opposition to each other: carbon-emitting power systems are essential to a thriving world economy and any policy that drastically restricts carbon emissions would cripple the world economy.

By unpacking complex stories about innovative technology through a mission that everyone can get behind (decarbonization of buildings, and eventually vehicles and cities), Freethink was able to deliver instant insight to Turntide’s mission and capacity, while inspiring the imagination for what it could do for future partners. 


Strategy and Execution

Freethink produced a custom documentary that demonstrated how the real-life application of Turntide’s smart motor has the potential to create breakthroughs in large scale decarbonization.

Freethink distributed this marquee documentary across Freethink owned sites and social channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin to engage Freethink’s built-in audience of 10M+ followers and 6M+ monthly unique visitors, audiences indirectly impacted by the severe food insecurity, as well as broader audiences. Turntide was granted ownership of rights to this documentary along with a robust distribution plan that included customized and targeted campaigns across social media. We implemented SEO optimization, created series art, dedicated articles, customized cut downs and clips; we published across news partners, niche online communities, newsletters and contributed real-time comment responses to encourage conversation. Through the campaign, we measured and fine-tuned tactics to optimize where the video was organically performing well to boost performance. 



The documentary was an engrossing hit, with nearly 700,000 views and 30% of them being completed views on a 5:03 video on the internet. That engaged performance for long form content is notable in a crowded media landscape and competing sources for attention. 

Even though it was branded content, our audience was captivated by the video. We were able to identify the most powerful Turntide story and frame it in a way that would capture our tech-enthusiast audience, and they delivered the highest engagement and completion rates among other targeted groups. This proves that Freethink is able to tell brand stories that educate, entertain and engage our audience. 

Comments from viewers were overwhelmingly positive, praising the mission-critical and mission-driven work. Many viewers shared their appreciation for Turntide’s work, how impressed they were by the employees, and more importantly, an interest in getting involved and working for the companies-- the branded content providing an additional benefit of higher visibility for future recruitments. 


Video for The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future.

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Freethink, Turntide


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