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The Optimist

Entered in TikTok


The Optimist TikTok channel was created to start positive and practical conversations focused on sustainable living as a means to fight the global climate crisis. We create content that highlight real questions on the solutions and lifestyles choices we as consumers have to make with the goal of trying to live more sustainable lives. We do not focus on the “doom and gloom” aspect of climate change or any form of lifestyle “shaming” when it comes to decreasing your carbon footprint. Positive reinforcement!


Our approach to engage audiences was to take them on a journey through the eyes of our creator “The Optimist”, with the goal of living a more sustainable life. Each video started with a relevant question related to a different aspect of sustainable living and sought to answer that question throughout the piece. All videos were shot from a POV (point-of-view) perspective to enhance the impression that the audiences were on with “The Optimist” on his journey.


Our primary objective was to build an organic and engaged audience. We had approximately 8 months to meet this objective and we feel that we succeeded. Currently we stand at over 9000 followers, 615k likes, over 20k comments and all after only publishing 20 videos. In addition, a large portion of the comments are part of a productive conversation around sustainable living.


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CGTN America


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