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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Somos Limitless

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign, Music & Dance

About this entry

The new generation of Latinx people sees cultural fluidity as our superpower, not a hindrance. We’ve embraced all the different elements of their identity to cross barriers and create culture that has captured the attention of the world.

“Somos Limitless” brings together six Latinx musicians and one poet who embody this ethos — each with a distinctive flow, look, and approach — to create one incredible new song and video that is a celebration of a new generation of Limitless Latinx talent.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We believe that when you cross borders and stretch limits, cultures mix, and new magic is made. That belief has been proven by countless Latinx musicians who are taking over the charts like never before — not by trying to fit in, but by embracing all the unique elements of their cultures that make them who they are.

We wanted to celebrate that joyful rebellion in our Latinx Heritage Month work, so we invited seven extremely different artists to collaborate on one track that speaks to the limitless creativity and spirit of our community.

By bringing together a massive range of artists who are genre breaking in their own right, we cooked up a gorgeous sonic stew that stretched across continents, languages, and musical styles that celebrated what makes us different and keeps us together.


We aimed to create a truly inclusive, joyful piece that all the members of our community could see themselves in. We also wanted to introduce our massive platform to these special, genre-breaking artists and create a piece that transcended traditional advertising and would be actively enjoyed by folks in and out of the community. The result? Over 500,000 views on Instagram and 9M views on Facebook.


Video for Somos Limitless

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Creative X, Meta, Instagram


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