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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Sowing Seeds Of Change On Earth Day

Audience Honor in GIFs


Seeds of Change, an organic rice brand, has a mission to positively improve our health and the health of the planet by getting people to simply eat more plants every day. Eating a plant-based diet is one of the most impactful ways any individual can help the Earth.

As a small brand with even smaller budgets, we are always looking for ways to reach large audiences without investing our limited resources.

We set an over-arching goal to find high-impact opportunities on the social calendar and make Seeds of Change relevant by earning reach. Our objective for this project, as it is for many projects, was to achieve positive ROI. In this case, that meant earning reach worth more than our production would cost.

Strategy and Execution

After seeing how social conversation around environmental impact spikes around Earth Day, we made the strategic decision to activate against the holiday. Digging into the social data, we found Giphy’s top search terms around Earth Day included “recycling”, climate”, “nature”, etc. What surprised us, though, was discovering what wasn’t a priority topic for people during Earth Day, and a crucial part of the Seeds of Change mission:  “diet”.

We supercharged this data by evolving it into a human-centric insight: When people think about ways they can help the environment they think about recycling and “saving the Earth”, but don’t always think about how their eating habits can have an impact.

We used the above insight to brief in work that compelled people to think about Earth Day differently.  The thought of helping the planet can be daunting and may seem intimidating at times.  We knew there was opportunity to educate people that eating more plants is a simple, realistic, and approachable way to help our planet.

To execute this strategy and meet our objective, we chose to partner with Giphy. We chose Giphy because they are a great outlet for communicating brand values in a social-first way and they highlight important cultural moments. Structurally, Giphy content travels far and wide, being fully integrated across most social platforms. 

To maximize impact, we collaborated with Giphy to help find the perfect Certified Giphy Artist for the project. We wanted an artist whose environmental values were in line with the brand’s. We found @TrapxBob and fell in love with their work and values. This reputable female-empowering artist had already conquered the Giphy space, and was well established, having created 265 gifs.

Partnering with @TrapxBob, we briefed in a mix of plant-related topics and brand awareness thought-starters – for example, “'Being a Seed Of Change' means taking those small steps and positive changes to become a healthier “you”, and strives for a healthier Earth.” We set out to creatively visualize this brand mission.

Ideating with @TrapxBob was very collaborative. They created eight powerful GIFs and stickers that pushed people to eat more plants- combining their trendy, psychedelic, vintage look & feel with Seeds of Change’s branding.  When it came time for execution, our content team created posts introducing our GIF and sticker packs for Giphy. We worked with Giphy hoping they would feature this content.


Our results prove that Seeds of Change broke through the saturated space of Earth Day on social media. We had a phenomenal reach for Seeds of Change: 385 million organic views the week of Earth Day. 46 million of these views were on branded assets.

We did all of this on an economical budget and received a 45x ROI after 7 days.

The Giphy team helped drive our results - they loved our content so much they featured us on the homepage, put our content in their blogs, and posted about it on their social accounts. We believe in the positivity and power of relationships and collaboration with our partners and consider it to be a key to success.


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Energy BBDO, Seeds of Change, Mars


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