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Reimagine Public Health

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Through October and November 2021, Vital Strategies launched a new tagline and brand campaign #ReimaginePublicHealth with the intention to boldly change the narrative around public health. In a world reshaped by COVID-19, Vital Strategies ignited a conversation, inviting followers, partners, influencers and staff from around the world to share what public health means to them and to learn more about public health systems and protections in our everyday lives.  

Through the #ReimaginePublicHealth campaign, we engaged with our community and encouraged participants to recognize the critical role public health plays in our daily lives. Indicators of success for the campaign outlined from the start included seeing a boost in engagement and reach on social, follower growth on social media platforms, uptick in traffic to our website, increased viewership on Instagram stories and an increase in the number of people and influencers sharing and participating in our content.  

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Instagram Stories were utilized to share two key components of the #ReimaginePublicHealth campaign; a crowd-sourced social campaign asking people to answer one important question: “What is Public Health,?”  and an interactive Instagram quiz that tests users’ knowledge on all things public health.  

“What is Public Health” Social Campaign 

We asked our followers, partners, influencers and staff what public health means to them. Each person's response was turned into a social graphic and shared across Instagram stories to highlight the often unexpected role and ways public health plays in our daily lives.   

It was imperative from day one that community responses included a richness and diversity of voices from around the world and from unique backgrounds. Leveraging Vital Strategies’ global network, we reached out to chefs, creatives, government leaders and many more to hear how public health intersects with their day-to-day lives.  

In addition to compelling statements about public health’s intersection in our day-to-day lives, the graphics for the campaign were bold and dynamic. By taking inspiration from activism aesthetics, our design team aimed to connect the personal stories of our subjects with the real-world issues that they have the power to change. The graphic aesthetic was a break from the visual status quo, which tended to lean more technical and academic.  

The graphics relayed personal stories, but also highlighted urgent issues within public health. Since the "What is public health? posts were created for social media, our design team focused on contrast, color and cadence so users would not find the graphics too overwhelming or monotonous.  

Interactive Quiz 

Accompanying a ten question quiz on Vital Strategies Reimagine Public Health website, an additional interactive quiz using Instagram's quiz function asked followers and the Instagram community to answer exciting and educational questions on all things public health. Questions ranged from infectious disease to tobacco control to environmental health.  

Graphics for the quiz shared a similar design aesthetic to the “What is public health?” stories. Bold and dynamic quiz graphics included question and answer slides and eye-catching images to accompany quiz content. Throughout the campaign quiz questions were strategically shared so global audiences could actively participate. Whether a public health professional or every day scroller on Instagram, the questions were designed to spark intrigue and showcase a new way to think about public health. 

Along with the social campaign and Instagram quiz, we released bold new social media graphics, a campaign video and hosted a virtual event, VitalTalks, featuring a discussion with leading health experts and moderated by international journalist and broadcaster Femi Oke to amplify the core messages of the campaign. 


On launch week beginning October 25, 2021, the Vital website directed users to the Reimagine Public Health landing page which included the “What is Public Health?'' messages and links to Vital Strategies Instagram quiz. Both the quiz and campaign stories were strategically scheduled on Instagram stories to reach audiences relevant to their subject matter and theme to maximize engagement.  



Vital Strategies received and published more than 100 “What is Public Health?” messages on our social media platforms, twenty Instagram quiz questions and more than 170 total stories on Instagram. Top global influencers and partners engaged and participated in the #ReimaginePublicHealth campaign including World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros, Governor Claudio Orrego, Governor of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile, Her Royal Highness Princess Dina Mired of Jordan and International Broadcaster and Journalist Femi Oke.  

At the end of the campaign, we saw over 110,000 total organic impressions and nearly 4,000 people engaged with our content. Our campaigns on Instagram and Facebook reached 3.7 million, receiving 7.38 million impressions and 22, 716 clicks.  

Instagram stories received over 10,000 views across the 170 stories posted. 



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Vital Strategies


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